Day 09: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or The Case Of The Tip Jar Burglar

How was your Easter celebrations everyone? I spent it on the beach with the family, My Man, and my sister’s friends. It was fun. Prior to the Holy Week, I made sure I scheduled my posts so I do not end up missing any day. I’m trying to give the 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare blog event my best shot. 🙂

Day 09 — When the cashier gives me this amount of money for change I know it’s too much money to dump in the charity bucket…

Honestly, there are not many tip jars that I come across with. I don’t know if tip jars are not popular in this side of the world or I just don’t go out much. In some places, I know the charity bucket deserves 10% from the total tab but in cases where I see a tip jar, my measure of how the amount to give depends on the service I received. If it’s great then there is no problem at all. Usually, I’d leave all the loose change or all the small bills I have. It’s no treasure chest but it’s pretty decent. When I’m grateful, I’m grateful. 😀

There is one funny incident with tip giving that I remember too well though. The extended family had an elaborate lunch in a restaurant on the way home from a vacation up north in The Cordilleras. After paying the bill, my aunts and uncles from abroad left a big tip, almost a thousand bucks. When one of my local aunts saw how big it was, she said they should not leave so much or else she’d take the money herself once everyone has walked out the door! 😳 Ack! Now this is sure one way to ruin charity!

Photo taken from here.

14 thoughts on “Day 09: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or The Case Of The Tip Jar Burglar

  1. When it comes to charity buckets, I really make sure its a legit one. I have experiences kasi na the cans are used as modus-operandi to get money from people which is just wrong. When it comes naman to tips, I base on the service and the bill. Kung sinisingil ako ng additional service charge, I don’t give them a tip. (Which makes me a certified stingy person, toinks!)

    • i noticed some are not keen on big charities. duda daw sila. naiintindihan ko naman yun. i want to volunteer for PAWS. kaso nasa province ako, hindi ko alam pano yun.

  2. I don’t put any tips at all in tip jars, except for say coffee houses where I got “some kind” or service if I take a coffee to go. Otherwise, I don’t. I’m a good tipper when I eat out, though.

    • i guess it depends on what kind of service one receives. but it does not matter really because it is a personal choice and is a case to case thing.

  3. minsan nagtatalo kami ng mga friends ko kung magbibigay ba ng tip o hindi. I don’t its part of our culture na maging generous when the opportunity come pero minsan, hindi namin talaga makita ang logic ng pag titip. kelan ba dapat mag tip kung alam mo na sumesweldo naman ang mga employees? hahaha

    • i agree that tipping is not big on our culture. maybe in more affluent countries, tipping is significant. i give tips when i receive good service or when i see they go the extra mile. halimbawa pag yung bagger binubuhat yung groceries ko hanggang kotse i make sure i give a tip to say thanks.

  4. Here, tipping mostly comes with dining out, or travel related activity. Since I’m unemployed, I’m not out using such services right now. Under normal circumstance, I’m pretty generous.

    The pic… the pooch looks like an anteater!

    • i’m pretty much stay at home these days too, actually these months! i’m reminded i need to get out more. oh yeah? guess so! but still very cute dog 🙂

  5. Happy Easter PM!

    isa rin yan sa isyu pag kumakain kami ng mga barkada ko, kung magbibigay ng tip at magkano. heheheh

    pero pag kasama ko yung mga kapatid ko, di puwede wala unless may service charge na. ilan kasi sa mga kapatid ko ay na-experience na mag-work sa mga fast food/ restos kaya alam na nila yung worth nun sa mga crew

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