Day 23: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty Or Why I’d Like An Open Heart Surgery

The first time I saw this question, I thought it was beautiful. As this blog event comes to a close in a few days, I am really grateful for participating, because not only do I get to learn a lot from other blog participants, but also I find discoveries about myself.

It is like, I have known these things all along but because there is no reason to think about them, they have just surfaced in my consciousness just now and it is wonderful.

Day 23 — Allowing another person to fully love me means I must…

I think one of the most common reason why people fail is because they are everything but open. I know someone who is loved by one of the most beautiful people in the world, but he refuses to be open to that love and has rather adopted a habit of being defensive about it. It is truly saddening because of the huge amount of happiness that I know he is rejecting. For the most part, I think it is pretty stupid. I really do not know why people choose to be so stupid sometimes. I assume there are reasons but I wonder how legit are they?

So this is my answer for today. For people to love me, I must be open to accept that love. I think it requires a lot of humility to have a nourishing kind of openness. It is not easy because you risk vulnerability, but it is the only way to experience love, isn’t it?

I believe when you are open to love, it finds you and fills you with a happiness that lifts you up. It is the kind of love that easily transforms to the air that you breathe which makes you live. I think being open does not only do wonders for love but for everything in general because when you are open you get to embrace what is out there and you feel every bit, you learn and understand, and with this comes the realization that life isn’t so bad. 🙂

PS. I have yet to go around other participating blogs and answer comments. My aunt is going to have a surgery and we are attending to her. But see you soon okay? Excited to catch up!

17 thoughts on “Day 23: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty Or Why I’d Like An Open Heart Surgery

  1. That’s such a good answer. You’re right, sometimes you have to be vulnerable and take the risk. Even though I like your answer, I have to admit some of my favorite things to read are those tragic loves in which one of the people don’t fully open up XD

  2. it is said that a true relationship must work not only on the exchange of love but of values as well ,that’s why there’s such a thing as sacrificial relationship, when one party thinks he/she only exists to solely satisfy her partner’s needs.

  3. Yes… the best relationships come from a place of openness and honesty. When we share the good and the bad within us, the connections can run deeper.

    OTOH, someone shutting out fears they don’t measure up – insecurity at work, and it takes some to get to the essence of why, to rebuild.

  4. .. we are all vulnerable when we are in love. our defense mechanisms work when we are threatened to lose that love and then that is when hate, pride, or remorse kicks in. love can be twisted, it’s just how we deal with it.

    • i agree that it can be twisted! like what i mentioned in my latest post, i can easily donate a kidney to my man but i get annoyed by the little things he do! 😆

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