Day 28: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or Why Mega Kill Sounds Great

When I was younger, I enjoyed MMORPGs. These are online role playing games. My Man is the one originally addicted to these stuff but I easily got hooked.

One game we totally enjoyed was called K.O.S., which means Kill On Sight. It was a shooting game where you take teams and just shoot the hell out of your opponents. Very cool. So…

Day 28 — If I could do one thing that is socially unacceptable and know I would not be judged, I would…

Go on a killing spree. I really would. I mentioned in my other post I do not like crime but today, this is really what came to my mind (Maybe I do not like crime if it is done to those who do not deserve it?). First I thought, “what is socially unacceptable?” and I figured murder is socially unacceptable and that is what I really want to do.

Who would I kill? I would kill people involved in corruption in my government. I really feel bad about how my country is evolving, if it is evolving at all. The culture of corruption has gone way deep in this country and if I go on a killing spree to weed out those responsible for it then maybe we can have a chance.  I really cannot think of anything else right now so I guess I’d just go for the mega kill. Anyone you want me to gun down? 😆

Photo taken from here.

18 thoughts on “Day 28: 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare Or Why Mega Kill Sounds Great

  1. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 and there was a shooting spree scene, it’s an ugly sight. really hard to be an undercover beside a psycopath. hehe I wont do it, unless it’s a room of dirty gays and transvestites. shame on you sissies. fight like a man!! that’d be my opening line before firing. hehehe

  2. I’ve always wanted to play KOS. But, I am really hard to teach. Oh, they don’t have much patience on me.I guess!

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