PM’s Fork: Isdaan, Gerona, Tarlac

A floating restaurant with an oriental theme, Isdaan is a popular Filipino restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. Over the weekend, my cousin and his friend, my sisters, and My Man had a very late lunch at Isdaan, stopping over on our way home after we wore our pilgrim hats and made a little trip to Our Lady of the Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan. I have always wanted to try the food of Isdaan after passing by it tons of times on the road to Pangasinan.

The Look: The design of Isdaan is very earthy, with a mix of Filipino and Thai inspirations. Outside in the parking lot, tall gorillas holding a big catch will greet you. There are Buddhas around as well as statues of Ninoy, Cory, Erap, goats, and cocks. You eat inside bamboo huts, floating in man-made ponds filled with very hungry carps (I think). Don’t eat here if you have motion sickness or the rocking of the huts will get to you.

The Food: Isdaan has a huge selection of food but it is mainly Filipino. We had sinigang na baboy (sour pork stew), calamari, grilled pork and tilapiasisig, and mango juice. That is my plate above. 😀

Everything tasted okay but there is nothing spectacular about it. Similarly, I think it is a bit overpriced because if you compare it to Ikabud, which does the same kind of food on a better price tag, well Isdaan would totally be at a disadvantage.

The Edge: Ultimately, what draws people to Isdaan is the experience: you drive far to get there; you eat atop a pond in a hut aboard a raft; you get to feed the maniacally hungry fish; you can get angry at the taksyapo wall. For those looking for something new over the weekend, then Isdaan is not a bad choice after all.

23 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: Isdaan, Gerona, Tarlac

  1. Now that is just cool. I want to eat there! So interesting hearing about restaurants with cool designs. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

    • i have to admit i felt a bit dizzy each time someone would walk along the raft! but it is an interesting experience. feeding the carps is such a thrill! they are so ravenous!

  2. here’s an admission, tiga jan ako, born and raised 🙂 that’s my hometown.

    but my family & i left for the US before this came about. i hear people say that the food is just OKAY, i guess as you say the experience is what draws people in. plus there’s too many things to photograph and pose with (given this facebook/twitter generation).

    • hey, nice to know! i agree on your insights about posing for photos, so true 😆 but for the record, i only had one of mine taken, in front of the restaurant.

    • oo pwede 2500 yata pag binili mo yung tv na babasagin mo parang ganun. fresh yung tilapia. grilled lang talaga walang kahit ano. 🙂

  3. natakam na naman ako sa pictures ng pagkain. argh!

    madalas ding pumunta ang family ko sa manoag… family tradition na dating back from my lola. 😀

    • are they dried? i did not see them on the menu because it’s soooo long! i have yet to go to monasteryo de tarlac rob. ack, i can’t wait to go already.

      • .. yep, dried (actually, fried) with green chillies! i noticed that too with their menu, it took me time to pick which one i can eat for lunch!

        .. please go to the monastery, pm. you’ll like it there.

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