The Lost Letter


I want to tell you something you don’t know: you are pregnant… so you better drop the drugs and stop the sneaking out at night to get drunk and party with random people – it will not help.

Also, I’m just kidding. 😆 I just wanted this letter to sound more interesting. I know you are none of the above and you are pretty boring so drop the chair and calm down. Don’t curse either.

I’m writing this because I joined a blog event and at the end of it you have to do a dare and this is what I chose. There are more interesting choices apart from writing a letter to your 16 year old self, but this is something I’d never do on my own, so I thought why not?

So what’s up? No, don’t answer that. I know things are not great and you are practically going crazy. But I have good news: you are right. Things will get better soon enough and within a year you will be thankful for all the crap that has happened. But I have bad news too: you’ll be crazy most of your life so just get used to it. For someone pretty boring you can really work up insanity quite good.

What else can I tell you? Hmm… Life will still be a bitch and all the drama will be on steroids, but at least you’ll get by. The social challenges will still be there and will become more ridiculous but keep it cool. It’s called Asperger’s; you’ll figure it out.

Oh, I know what to say! College will be a blast. You’ll learn good stuff for once and you’ll finally make sense – not a lot, but you will. There will be no more sports but in writing there will be. I’d like to say you’d be famous in your line but that might be just a little delusional. But you’ll kick a lot of asses and it will be fun. 😀

I think that is just about it. You’ll find out the rest anyway. Oh, before I go, I want to tell you to stop staring at that guy playing basketball in school every afternoon. In a few weeks, he’d be all that you see from high school graduation up to the next eight years of you life. I’m not joking. But he’s awesome.

You’ll be fine,


PS. I hope you like cats.

26 thoughts on “The Lost Letter

  1. I wish I could write an awesome letter like this. I tried doing it, but I ended up crying. wenk :l I know you’re 16 year old self will be proud of you dear 🙂

    • oh, hugs for you then. i think my 16 year old self would not be surprised to see how i turned out now. i’m still pretty boring, you see. 😆

  2. That’s such a cute letter! I hope you’re including the pic when you send that out to your 16 year old self xD The pic reminds me of a comic I read where the girl in it liked a guy and literally stalked him and stared at him the whole time.. but little did she know that someone was stalking her and staring at her too! It just looked so funny when she found out and was horrified. But hehahaha I hope you like cats, good advice there 😀

  3. nice letter. if given the chance to send a letter to my 16y.o. self, i’ll just tell to kick their ass those worthless jerks. haha.

  4. “So what’s up? No, don’t answer that”
    *insert Mr. Bean’s if you know what I mean face*

    OHMYGAHD STARING WORKED FOR YOU?! Never worked for me! I stare at a lot of men and they all find me creepy!

  5. hahaha, i get so many ideas for posts from you, but the lack of time hinders me from doing so. i would like to see what i’d tell 16-yo me.

    • now i can say i am completely done with the blog event. has anyone done the dare part too? three days for the guest post? ack!

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