PM’s Fork: The Beanery, Balanga City, Bataan

The Beanery is Bataan’s answer to Starbucks. If you happen to be visiting Bataan beach resorts or hopping around for Bataan food trip, make sure you visit this coffee shop because it has a lot to offer than a steaming cup of vanilla latte or cafe macchiato.

The Look: The Beanery is one of my most favorite places around because it is cozy, warm, and inviting. The laid back atmosphere makes it great to meet people or go for a break. I remember visiting the shop for an entire week everyday when the power got cut from where I live and I needed to work!

The Food: The best thing in The Beanery for me is the Toblerone cheesecake. I say this because I enjoyed it so much it inspired me to come up with my own! But apart from the coffee and the premium cheesecakes, there are more options at The Beanery for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will give you more reasons to keep on coming back.

I am not the biggest fan of the sandwich and pasta line of the shop but I do adore their rice meals. The food is cooked home style with a tad gourmet, but it is not too posh that it is comforting. I’m a big fan of their sisig and fried chicken, though it takes forever to arrive on your table. Other favorites include their potato mojos, waffle sandwich, and KitKat cheesecake.

The Edge: What makes The Beanery inviting is the positive vibe of the place. During lunch and dinner, it is usually packed with people from all age groups, even entire families go out and eat here. It is encompassing. Throw in the good food they serve and The Beanery is definitely a winner.

10 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: The Beanery, Balanga City, Bataan

  1. .. when i’m already starving and need a quick-fix meal, i go straight to the foodcourt in the mall – para wala ng hintayan, hehe.

    .. seeing that picture of the cheesecake made me crave for some. too bad anlayo ko sa mga coffee shops dito. 😦

  2. i wonder if you could still call that coffee shop if it serves full meals. if my job would allow me, i’d definitely work in a coffee shop all day 🙂

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