First Quarter: New Year Resolutions Update

Keeping up with New Year’s resolutions is supposed to be bonkers but I’m trying my damn best. The first quarter of the year has come and gone (did you notice?) and I figured it might be a good time to assess this year’s 365 1/2 days project or the 10 things I’ve never done before list.

1. Read a book once a month. Successful, so far. Actually, if this means read 12 books this year, I’m more than done because The Descendants is number 16 already. But I’m not stopping because this is fun and I already have book numbers 17, 18, and 19 waiting in line! 🙂

2. Root for the Philippine Azkals in a live game – Pending, but fingers crossed I’d catch their next local game. However, I must admit I’m not as enthusiastic as before. The bad rep the boys is receiving makes me feel a bit iffy.

3. Grow an herb garden. – Successful! My Man bought the seeds: basil, coriander, thyme, sage, parsley, chives, and marjoram; and last March 27, Don Domeng helped me in starting my herb paradise. Growing the herbs gave me a fantastic feeling (though the cats frustrated me too because they loved lying down on the wet soil flattening the plants). They are pretty much baby herbs right now but the basil is looking fly. I can’t wait to post the photos when the herbs are in their most fabulous!

4. Go to school for something – Pending. I wanted to participate in a novel writing and book publishing seminar the lovely Jackie buzzed me on but I choked. Ack!

5. Take My Man to the movies at least once in every two months – Successful, so far. In truth, every month we get to see a movie, either at home or in the theaters, which is totally surprising. January: Reel Steel; February: Ghost Rider 2 and Puss ‘N Boots; March: The Three Musketeers; I forgot what we we watched during April; and May: The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes 2.

6. See my other Gran in Cavite – Pending. I’m a bit uncertain about this one because Don Domeng has to be the one to initiate this. Usually, I force them to travel by buying the plane tickets before telling them about it, but since Cavite is by land only, I still have to figure out how this works out.

7. Take Don Domeng and Mother Goose for a short vacation – Pending. Where to go?

8. Cook and serve dinner – Pending. Heaven knows how much I fear the coming of this night.

9. Go out of the country – Pending. However, I really have a good feeling about Thailand some time during the last quarter of the year. 😉 My cousin is marrying our Thai friend so that might pose an opportunity, don’t you think?

10. Ride a roller coaster – Pending. Maybe I’d accomplish this during this second quarter though. Idk, I’m still being wussy as usual. 🙄

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15 thoughts on “First Quarter: New Year Resolutions Update

  1. Herb garden!!!! Dream ko din yan. Iniisip ko kasi pag nagka zombie apocalypse at wala ng supplies ng food ang mga tao I’ll still have my garden!

  2. Did you watch Lost? I was immediately thinking about Sun as soon as I read that part about the herb garden. XD

    I am still beating myself up for not watching the two Sherlocke Holmes movies. Robert Downey Jr., my love, please don’t get mad at me.

    Oh my gaaahd! I was able to ride a roller coaster this year! And I promised myself I will never, not until the world has been invaded by aliens, ever do! :p

    Naaawa ako sa resolution ko. Iisa lang sya, magpapayat, and I am still failing. Haha. FOOD Y U SO TEMPTING?!

  3. My 2 books a month is okay too! Been reading much these past few dAYs, Just so I could sleep, my schedule has been very very crazy that everytime I go home at 8-9pm I still feel the energy surging through my bones, though I’m too tired already.

    I need a book to lull me to sleep, however, I am always blessed to be reading an interesting book that keeps me leafing through the pages, defeating my need to be lulled to sleep.

    • just 3, rob. the others i am looking to accomplish soon. fingers crossed we can both have a clean list coming into next year!

  4. been considering thailand as one of my vacay destinations this year. it eventually lost out to india. some other time may be.

    i have to go back and see what things i have accomplished from my own list. i am afraid that withoug seeing the list, that i haven’t checked off even one.

    • i’ve always been interested with india. however, i fear that it is too crowded? idk, hopefully i get the chance to see it someday too. looking forward to your vacay stories! go and look up your list. it’s the second quarter already!

    • i realized my list is not just one time things but more of a whole year gig – an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. 😉

  5. you didn’t attend the seminar? ? sayang naman!! i was hoping you would blog about the seminar :(wow ang galing mo naman 16 books! ! My new year’s resolution is to read 4 books in a month which means i hope to read 40 books within the year. I started in mid January.. pero 10 books pa lang ang natapos ko! 😦 i should probably write a blog post like this about update on my new year resolution para mapressure naman ako hehe

    • yes, i did not but if you happen to stumble upon new ones please let me know. maybe that would do the trick. somehow, announcing your goals gives you more steam to do them. you don’t want to let yourself down in front of an audience after all. 🙂

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