Last Night At Chateau Marmont Book Review: No Bed Of Roses For Rock ‘N Roll

Book number 17: Last Night At Chateau Marmont by L.Wesberger. I wanted to read this the first time I saw it in the Best Seller list because I loved the way Chateau Marmont rolls in my mouth; finally gotten to it now. 🙂

What it is: Last Night At Chateau Marmont follows the routine and stale marriage of Julian and Brooke Alter, suddenly thrown in the rocks when Julian’s rock star career blasts off (it reminded me a bit of Where She Went actually). The book explores the challenges married couples have to surmount amidst big changes. It asks readers how much are you willing to sacrifice for the joy and success of your lover and how far can you compromise, forgive, and take a chance.

What I liked about it: I love the way Last Night At Chateau Marmont explores the other side of fame and fortune. Everyone thinks it is so fab but there is absolutely more to the glam and glitz and it is not always pretty, kind, and tolerable. There are rumors, separations, and a loss of control that hurt a lot, that not surprisingly often lead to dissolution of relationships. Though the characters are not solid, the way they behave is very accurate (something I desperately wanted to see in Matthew King from The Descendants). I love the character of Nola, Brooke’s best friend – she is one girl friend I’d like to have for real.

What I did not like about it: Reading Last Night At Chateau Marmont made me feel like I’m reading a gossip magazine or watching a reality show. The fact that I did not read or watch The Devil Wears Prada from the same author should’ve been enough warning. This may be the reason why I did not connect entirely with the characters; that or the characters were a scratch from the surface. The beginning part was so dragging I almost gave up (which reminded me of my struggle with Love The One You’re With), but the climax and all the fighting got me going up to the end.

Recommended for: People who appreciate gossip, celebrities, and read and watch them on TV. You should totally go for Last Night At Chateau Marmont – it’d be like heaven in a nutshell. 😆

PS. The Notebook Project is up! Many thanks to my lovely blog friends who showed interest and support. Looking forward to receiving all your help, people. 🙂 If you have not pledge notebooks yet, you still have a chance to do something greater than a cup of coffee for your PHP 100 today. Buzz me!

10 thoughts on “Last Night At Chateau Marmont Book Review: No Bed Of Roses For Rock ‘N Roll

  1. How do you exactly say Chateau Marmont? Balagtasan levels ito. Haha.

    And you have a paper cutter at home? Sabi na! You live in a bookstore! Haha

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