10 Most Beautiful Sounds In The World

I told you about the possibly 10 most delicious things in the world a few days ago right? Today I figured I’d tell you the possibly 10 most beautiful sounds in the world. I’m not kidding, have you ever thought about such things? Here is my take:

Possibly the 10 Most Beautiful Sounds in the World

1. Kit Kat in foil being split in two

2. Cracking of nuts

3. Popping of buttered popcorn

4. Breaking of Pringles crisps

5. Fizzing ice cold soda

6. Pan sizzling when sauteing garlic and onion

7. Boiling sound of creamy chicken noodle soup

8. Clanking of spoons, forks, glasses, and bottles

9. Ripping of a large Lay’s bag

10. Laughter during eating

Hey, you are drooling on your keyboard! 😆

PS. Bless the hearts of everyone who have showed support for The Notebook Project! Watch out for another Many Thanks post over the weekend. It’s going to be huge! 🙂

Photo taken from here.

26 thoughts on “10 Most Beautiful Sounds In The World

  1. 6. Pan sizzling when sauteing garlic and onion = has my mouth watering and my ears waiting in anticipation. I want to saute some garlic and onion right nowwww.

  2. Hmmmmm… my daughter’s voices would be in there, and I’ll add Beth Orton. A vacuum cleaner can put me to sleep, so I’ll toss that in.

  3. You really should learn how to cook Prinsesa. Your second post for a top ten list and it too is mostly food related. I would like to see more recipes and cooking posts from you. You review coffee shops and restaurants. I think you cooked breakfast once too. What do you think?

    • i don’t know if it is the cat in me but i’m not much into birds. we love a pair of love birds here but i’m not keen on them, maybe because i cannot touch them.

    • got that right, liz! 🙂 i have to tell you, each time a bag of lay’s would pop around here, everyone turns, even the dogs and cats!

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