The Notebook Project: Many Thanks Part 2

Ready to hear the most incredible story? Five kids got the first blessing from The Notebook Project last week; guess how many received such awesome notebooks today… 37! From preschoolers to high school students, the heavens heard the prayer of 37 kids today. It’s the most incredible thing. 😀 I can’t even tell you how thankful these children are and how much I appreciate all of your kindness and generosity. To me, there is nothing like it. If you feel the nerve of the universe become more positive today, tap your shoulder, it’s because of you! Great job!

Many, many, many thanks to Ched, Pi, and Kulot; LM Pataki and Salbehe; Jerry and Joe; Hoshi and her awesome friends Julita, Len, Joseph, Reynante, Jovelyn, Tim, Sharon, Donna, Sarah, and Femi; Apollo and his brother; Liz, and Pryanka. It is very easy to make excuses, to ignore The Notebook Project, but you responded with goodness that is just beyond what I ever thought possible. 🙂 You have not seen the plight of these kids, maybe you heard of this town from my post only, but it did not matter because your heart broke all the barriers and I just cannot thank you enough.

You see, these children don’t expect too much from life at the best. But if only you could see the gratitude, awe, humility, and excitement in their faces as they cradle their pack of notebooks (I wrapped them all individually so they look like presents with their names on it and yours beside a big heart!)… It makes you feel hopeful, you know? For one, I can tell they feel hopeful too, because no matter how little they were, through the pack of notebooks they received, they knew somebody out there cared for them and believed in them. That’s beautiful.

Also, I want to tell all of you something special about this leg of The Notebook Project. Because of your big heart, the children from an entire community of indigenous Aetas here were able to be blessed with notebooks too.

Their settlement is in the mountains and the children go to school, most of them up until high school, and getting the notebooks is such an enormous help .You can imagine, they walk all the way down the mountain and into the school in the town proper just to get educated. How’s that for dedication? The notebooks seemed to be a fitting reward, don’t you think?

Bless your hearts everyone. You’re probably the most awesome people in the world right now for Maria, Jessica, Renz, Honey Jane, Mariz, Jonah, Patrick, Christian, Bugit, Jennylyn, Hannah, Jovylyn, Justin, Harold, Casey, Joan, Abet, Vincent, Nene, Enlyn, Popot, Iyam, Abo, Bedet, Pong, Totoy, Fernan, Sherwin, Bryan, Aimee, Lyn, Naning, Kurt, Kean, Joana, Jonathan, and Lenlen. 🙂 Keep rocking my friends, because the world definitely needs it. Many, many thanks!

PS. The Notebook Project will run up until Friday this week then will hang its shoes indefinitely. I’m guessing one more Many Thanks post is coming, but it’s pretty successful so far, don’t you agree? Thanks to all of you! 🙂

23 thoughts on “The Notebook Project: Many Thanks Part 2

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  3. You deserve all the thanks from these kids, really. It takes so little to take money out of a wallet than it is to take the initiative and create a project like this. Seriously. Kudos to you and God bless!

  4. It was my pleasure to give. You deserve the thanks really, beacuse it takes much greater character and courage and effort to do what you did. Kudos and God bless!

    • many, many thanks! sinubukan kong humanap ng butt naked spiderman pero censored ang mga stacks sa tindahan. oh well, i tried 😆

    • ako din liz, i really didn’t know what to expect in the beginning and now that it is almost over, i’m just so thankful to everyone who cared enough to reach out. many, many thanks ulit! 😀

    • i know you’ve wished this project well nelle, that counts 🙂 i’m just thankful to all friends, online and offline, who took the time to reach out and support this project. in the beginning i really had no idea how this would go but so far, the total number of kids catered by the project is 42 – equal to one class in a public school already, at least in this area!

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