Snail Mail K-Pop Invasion: Postcard From Korea

I love seeing the mailman, I really do. There is something truly unique about the experience, you know? Everything is digital and downloadable these days, it’s truly awesome to get something old school delivered to you via the mail. It may be so snaily, but it rocks equally.

I love mail anything (shout out to my blog friends who always remember me every holiday season, you’re awesome :D) and the other day I got a postcard from Korea from Jerry. Hmm… I guess it’s a card more than anything, but he told me he’d be sending a postcard when he visited Korea last month so I got fixated on the idea.

He told me about it when he returned to Malaysia but the mailman still surprised me because it has been so long I totally forgot about it already! The card was so rad too because it’s one of those novel things embedded with wildflower seeds that you can grow. Think I should? Well, I can try… that’d be cool. 🙂

How about you, do you still send or get stuff from the mail? Maybe I should send you all postcards when I vacation next month!


26 thoughts on “Snail Mail K-Pop Invasion: Postcard From Korea

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  2. snail mail…hihihi…o kahit yung letters lang na sinulat ng friends sa scented s(sometimes hindi) stationery mean so much…hihihi…old school ako kaya yung letters nila nasa box padin ’til now 🙂

    hehehe…curious lang…may flower na tumubo? hehehe

    • i must confess i’m not the most sentimental person when it comes to keeping everything. when i was in college i discovered a box of letters i kept when i was younger and i wanted to throw it because i was tidying up. my sister would have none of it and forced me to keep them still. the plants have grown but they are still baby plants. maybe one day flowers will pop off them, idk.

        • i don’t know exactly what comes out of it eventually. i’m just glad the flood did not wash the plants away. good luck with your box cleaning!

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  4. .. i sent postcards to friends when i was in dubai a year ago. i don’t actually see a mailman here where i work (we use PO Box) and the last mail i received was a flyer card from the airline.

    .. and where are your cat paws landing next month? 🙂

      • .. i never thought cats like postcards! i’ve never been to bohol and i’ll be going there for a weekend trip on july – meaning you’ll be the one to give me the suggestions! 😀

        • postcards are cool. you should’ve sent some during your many foreign trips! ganun ba, i’m up in a week’s time. hopefully it will all be great 🙂

  5. congratz PM! hehe
    thanks nga pala for sending me the book last month. my sister is currently devouring it.

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