The Notebook Project: Many Thanks Part 3

More lovely news everyone! In addition to the previous 42 kids who got awesome notebooks from all of you lovely blog friends in the past weeks (read the story here and here), 13 more are added to that number today. 🙂

It’s really incredible how much support The Notebook Project receives and in behalf of all the kids getting the much needed help, thank you loads with all my heart. This time, to the lovely ElleDenoy, and KG, many, many thanks!

The wrapped ones below are for Aira, April, Rico, Joan, Mark, Charlotte, Charmaine, and Shane. I cannot even find the words to explain how thrilled they are to receive their notebooks. 😀 You’re every bit angels for them, you know?

Similarly, The Notebook Project was also able to reach out to the scholars of St. Agnes Institute of Bagac. The notebooks of the kids that go here can only be bought from the school and they are a little pricey, but still we were able to provide for siblings Wesley and Alexa, Juliana, Richard, and Mei. Bless your heart KG!

You know, every time I write a Many Thanks post, I can’t help but get overwhelmed. As I mentioned before, in the beginning, I really had no clue how this project will go but seeing how you all responded just makes my heart swell with so much joy and gratitude. Thank you everyone, you’re all awesome!

Also, I’ve mentioned before that this might be the last Many Thanks post. Actually, now I’m certain it is not, because more notebooks are on the way from Dormboy, Addie and her friends, and my college friends! 😀 I think the notebooks are still in transit and I’m so looking forward to find them a home. I guess it’s really true – when it rains, it pours! Keep it awesome everyone!

19 thoughts on “The Notebook Project: Many Thanks Part 3

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    • this is primarily a rural area and notebooks are still relevant. the kids need them and these great people responded with generosity to reach out to them.

    • it’s a wonderful experience, reaching out to these kids with the help of fantastic blog friends. i’m just so thankful 🙂

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