Just Ashley Banjo Being The Cutest Guy In The World

Do yourself a favor: watch the video below girls and get more reason to hate your boyfriends for not being Ashley Banjo of Diversity (or yourself for not being Davina McCall)…

And no boys, I don’t want to hear it – he’s not just a cute boy dancer/choreographer, but also a straight A student who studied physics in Queen Mary.


Can you tell I’m in a rut? Well, I’m in a rut and what better way to get a kick than drool over a hot guy? Hopefully it works, fingers crossed, right Ashley?

Photos taken from here and here.

12 thoughts on “Just Ashley Banjo Being The Cutest Guy In The World

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  3. That’s okay, I drool over hot guys all day every day. I’m drooling for Jesse Eisenberg right now. 😆

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