More Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say: Catharsis Part II

Picking up my catharsis post now; the first one is here. The rules are the same: List 20 things you want to say to certain people but you know you never will. Don’t say who they are. I did the first 10 last month and here I go again:

11. Stay away – I mean it.

12. It’s called fairness. Do this and you will probably succeed.

13. I still feel stupid for being repulsed by you. Damn.

14. What you two do is truly the most interesting thing. Do you even have an idea what you are doing?


16. Turns out, I don’t need a brain liposuction machine. I don’t care about it already!

17. Do you honestly even care for them?

18. Stress causes cancer and I’m too young to die so for the love of God…

19. You really should all go but I can’t help it. Ack!

20. You’re probably one of the most annoying things I’ve ever seen but it’s such a wonder how I relate a lot to you.

Photo taken from here.

19 thoughts on “More Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say: Catharsis Part II

  1. PM, isang tanong, nabawasan ba kahit kaunti ang iyong bagahe, habang at pagkatapos mo itong ipahayag? hello, at salamat sa link.

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  3. clap clap on #18. i haven’t forgotten about my promise of help for the notebook project. it just completely slipped out of my mind partly bec of work and also the roadtrip we took a week ago. really ashamed.

    • it’s cool, don’t worry about it. marami pang next time. i’d be posting the conclusion of the project today actually. it’s really sweet! 😀

    • i’m not sure exactly. i find that i don’t have lots of things i keep. when i did the first 10, i did not plan to segment the 20 actually. it’s just that i can’t think of 20 things i wanted to say at one time. turns out, i don’t have a lot to say after all!

  4. What happened to balance of positive and negative things on the list? Kidding 😀

    Number 13 sounds like a handful. Sounds like someone you would like to slap with your hand full of rocks. 😆

    • normally i don’t withhold positive things. it helps more if you verbalize them, don’t you think? no, i don’t want to bitch slap number 13. i actually feel stupid for having those feelings because a part of me knows i shouldn’t feel that way but i can’t help it. it’s one of those ambivalence things when your id wrestles with your super ego and you’re fucked.

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