Who Run The World?

Flowers always work with girls. It always does. However, there is something about getting flowers for no reason that totally kills it. Over the weekend, My Man made the rainy weather a little warmer by surprising me with a bunch of roses, isn’t that the cutest thing in the world? (Thank you, babe :))


According to my sisters, girls are truly funny creatures. Well, I thought the same for the longest time too. For example:

When girls get a new haircut:

First five minutes: “OMG, I love my new haircut. It’s so nice!

After five minutes: “I miss my old look with my old haircut!”

When girls eat a good meal:

First five minutes: “That was a really good meal. The food tasted fantastic!”

After five minutes: “I can’t believe I ate so much. I’m so fat! All these food will go to my belly, my arms, my legs… OMG.”

16 thoughts on “Who Run The World?

  1. Aw I think the best time to receive flowers is for no reason. Anybody can buy a bouquet to give to you on a holiday…it’s what they’re “supposed” to do. But when it’s random its so much more meaningful and cute ❀

  2. kala ko may kinalaman sa song ni beyonce ito, flowers pala. hehehe

    yes common sa mga mujer ang ganitong mga linya, taka din me much. pero ako iba linya ko sa second concern. apart or in addition sa pagiging fat, gastos. waheheehe

    • i really loved the flowers. mas gusto ko yung long stem na separate pieces compared to bouquets. tipid lang akong date diba? πŸ˜† magastos nga din ang food fest! pero usually i don’t complain about that kasi food lang ang luxury ko, maybe apart from going around and traveling a little.

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