No Zombie Apocalypse But Still Afraid For Life To Change

I really want to talk more about Bohol but there is something flaming on my mind for quite a few days now. A few days after returning home, I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I hate going to the dentist. (Here is a prehistoric post chronicling my no relationship with the dentist.)

Somehow, it feels like one of those scenes in horror movies where you see an abandoned house, eerily silent on top of a hill, and you are certain you should not go inside, but it could not be helped. Not that I watch a lot of horror movies, in fact I avoid them like the plague, but I swear the dentist feels like this every damn time. But you got to go when you got to go, right?

Thing is, I did not just go there for teeth cleaning. I had to get a consult about my teeth because the front ones at the bottom of my mouth resembles the leaning tower ofΒ PisaΒ for the longest time and it is starting to affect my upper front teeth. Disgusting. I had the notion that I might need braces but when it came from the dentist’s mouth, it felt like a death sentence.

Two of my sisters wore braces in the past and it was not a beautiful thing to behold. I imagine it like the opening scene in Saw 4 (I’m not sure if it was 4) where a couple of people had to cut out pieces of their body to earn freedom. Wearing braces might not be that graphic but I’m certain it’d hurt. Damn. Plus it would also alter my eating habits and add more work to my mouth hygiene. If it’s any consolation, the dentist said it’d probably take only a year.

I haven’t committed to it yet because I’m scared out of my wits. What should I do? (Please don’t say invisalign – that costs a fortune!)

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26 thoughts on “No Zombie Apocalypse But Still Afraid For Life To Change

  1. Go na! Hindi na ata ngayon ganun kadreadful ang braces! Ako din nagbraces noon, and I didn’t to have them removed. Feeling ko ang ganda ganda ko with the braces! Haha!

    Nagpunta ka pala ng bohol? WOW! πŸ™‚

    Visit ka site ko, i have a new post. I hope you enjoy reading it. πŸ™‚

  2. .. blessed are those who have good teeth! i had a bad case of bacterial tooth infection and have spent a good amount of money just to get my teeth and jaw fixed.

  3. Pero magandang way din yan to lose weight. :p I would get braces only I don’t think I will survive eating soup for an entire day. πŸ˜†

    • losing weight is one thing but getting it by force is another. i have no problem with soup. it’s the cruciatus pain i’m worried about.

    • i really don’t know, addie. maybe i would or maybe i won’t. it’s interesting how i’d eat bats readily but take forever to face the dentist. i wish i could get invisalign – they look a little less torturous but the price will be the torture there.

    • it’s not entirely paranoia. i’ve seen my sisters go through it. they say the pain disappears eventually but what about while it’s new? oh my lord, this is really challenging…

  4. Hey, I was about to comment to your Bohol post. But seeing this, I really cannot let this post pass. Well, we have the same dilemma with dentists. What I hate about going to one is the fact that you will just go there for teeth cleaning and all of a sudden they will tell you a lot of things, like this tooth needs to be removed because blah blah blah, there is also a teeny weeny gap in here so you need braces. hahahaha!

    Im sorry if I find a place to rant, but have you ever wonder why dentists do that? hahaha.

    Im planning to get my braces later this year, or maybe until i find the courage to do it.

  5. I hate the dentist too!! Especially since the assistant forgot about me and let the fluoride destroy my enamel. Yep, the dentist office destroyed my teeth. They can’t be trusted I tell you!

    • that’s awful! one thing i’m scared about is how i cannot replace my teeth in case something goes horribly wrong. well there are dentures but please i want to keep my real ones!

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