Mailman Post: Look What The Cat Dragged In

The other day, I got an email from LJ with an ebook copy of The Catcher in the Rye. Like him, I also learned of the book from a mention in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

After reading The Great Gatsby, I truly got interested in getting my hands on this other American literature classic. I mentioned it on the comment section of Orange Wit and here we are. šŸ™‚ Now all I have to do is download the ebook, print it out, and have a go! Many thanks, LJ!

Similarly, when I went home over the weekend, Mother Goose handed me an envelope the mailman just delivered – it’s from Hoshi!

She sent me that really nice card on the photo above from one of the artist shops in Rizal that I totally want to visit one day plus crafts I assume she made herself. Now I’m more eager to tour Rizal because of this card! Thank you for being so thoughtful, Hoshi šŸ™‚ I also love all the advanced greetings inside the card – that’s so rad.

Receiving wonderful stuff from blog friends over the mail is truly one of the easiest ways to turn my anemic non-life into a more exciting and more thankful one. It is doubly great when it comes as a surprise!

So thank you LJ and Hoshi for the thoughtfulness and blog friendship. You both rock. How lucky am I to have such sweet blog friends? Many thanks!

20 thoughts on “Mailman Post: Look What The Cat Dragged In

  1. If you’re planning to tour Rizal, please drop by The Blanco museum :in Angono, Rizal. Their collection of family paintings are just awesome and amazing! šŸ™‚

      • PM I got a message from a magazine, maybe they have tour package. Verify ko muna ang info at tanungin sila. balikan kita

        your welcome at thank you nagustuhan mo ang cards at mga kabagayan. Mabuhay!

        • nice, naverify mo na ba hoshi? i really want to go! salamat ulit! šŸ˜€ ngayon lang ako nakasagot sa mga comments mo, napunta kasi sa spam folder eh, ngayon ko lang nafish out.

  2. There was a point in my life, some time in college, when I really believed I lived Holden’s life in the past. Abnoy ko lang, diba? Haha.

    I still haven’t started reading Kill Two Birds. :}

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