Scary Baby Pictures: The Baby From Mars Is Not Me, Maybe

Does your baby picture resemble human life? If the answer is yes, then you are lucky. Believe me, you may not pass for a diaper commercial but at least you’d be proud to post your baby picture, just as what the lovely KG has done of the cutest baby picture of her beautiful girl, Wendy.

As for me, well, you can’t win them all, as they say. I was born premature and if you Google photos of premature babies, you’d understand why I’d qualify for a Benjamin Button double than a Johnson’s baby commercial star.

It’s like I was an overachiever wanting to see the world before any other baby at 7 and 1/2 months! I was no bigger than a 500 ml bottle of Coke and I fit in a size 5 shoe box. My skin is all wrinkly and see through and it’s green, yellow, pink, and dark brown all at the same time.

The funny thing is, I could’ve had fangs to go with the old man appearance and maybe even tusks, and my parents think I’m still the cutest baby in the world! πŸ˜€

Photo taken from here.

12 thoughts on “Scary Baby Pictures: The Baby From Mars Is Not Me, Maybe

  1. may pamangkin akong ganyan kaliit pero nung lumalaki na,dambuhala na.

    saka may paniwala ako na doon sa mga ipinaganak na premature, talented and achiever.

    ewan ko lang sa mga gaya kong ipinanganak sa sasakyan, kung tumakbo matulin kung mag-isip parang langis,hohoho!

  2. Are you serious with the 500ml bottle size? my golly! but hey you are not alone! My mom showed me my baby pictures before and dear heavens I look uggggleeeeh. I was big and I look like a boy. My mom even told me that she kept on praying novenas just to pray that I would like look a girl. Buti na lang daw before I was baptized natupad daw yung dasal niya. O_O

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