Tapsilog Rolls Recipe: Filipino Classic Reinvented

Filipinos are in love with their tapsilog. It is a yummy plate of beef tapa (tap) and egg (silog), paired with rice. Our family is a big fan of tapsilog. We love the creative tapsilog of a little quaint shop called Saverde, located an away hour from our home!

Now you all know I’m no cooking diva but I tried making my own tapsilog too, with the help of my Nan. Instead of having the tapsilog as separate pieces, we wrapped it on lumpia wrapper (pastry wrapper or spring roll wrapper) to make one delicious bite of tapsilog! πŸ˜€Β The recipe is easy and you can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy!

What to do:

1. Prepare ingredients: 250 g fried beef tapa (you can buy beef tapa from Monterey and just fry it yourself), 5 scrambled eggs, 1 1/2 cups steamed rice, and some lumpia wrappers.

2. Assemble the tapsilog rolls: Get a couple tablespoons steamed rice and lay it flat on a sheet of lumpia wrapper. Place bits of fried beef tapa on top, then add a few scrambled eggs.

3. Wrap the tapsilog: Take both sides of the lumpia wrapper and fold them towards the center. Grab the bottom and in one motion make the first roll. Continue to roll the wrapper and seal with water or egg wash.

4. Fry tapsilog rolls in oil for a few minutes then… eat! πŸ˜€


19 thoughts on “Tapsilog Rolls Recipe: Filipino Classic Reinvented

  1. I initially thought I was on a wrong blog when I arrived at a seemingly food porn! Ikaw pa rin pala, i never really thought I’d stumble upon your posts as these. Hehehehe…Tama yan, maghanap ng ibang recreation, hobby at kung anu-ano pa.

    • ako din sheng, i don’t know why i’m becoming a huge foodie (sana interest lang, not waistline :lol:) but it’s fun. i’m thinking of going to culinary school too.

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