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Will you do it again?

One of Kulot’s favorite past times is complaining about her Info Tech program. While on the road to Marquee Mall yesterday, she was telling us about a previous conversation with her fellow sophomores.

They were thinking, if you could turn back time and be a high school senior again, would you make the same decision and still choose Info Tech in college after seeing what it’s really like?

Hell, no, they’d answer in chorus. They’d probably take Hospitality Management instead, since students in this program at their school never complain about their course load, they said.

You know, I took BS Nursing in college, then Professional Education after. But at the end of it I’m not using both! 😆 Oh well, that’s life…

But if you ask me, if I’d change anything, I’m not exactly sure. Growing up, I really wanted to be an engineer, but given my math prowess, I did not dare enroll. Believe me, if I did, I’d have probably committed suicide by now.

How about you? Will you do it again or will you choose a different road?

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34 thoughts on “College, Courses, Crashes

  1. hey PM, i am a former mech eng’g student also then i decided to go to another service.that is serving the people.. If i could go back in time maybe i still want to serve.. and i am very thankul to that.. all what you have worked hard has its fruit..
    just love what you do and you’ll never notice that ur already workin..heh

  2. wow nice topic!

    yes i think so. since grade na-realize ko na kung ano ang gusto ko although mayroon pa talaga kong nais ma-try or plan b or plan c. gusto ko rin ng psychology and management e. yung pag-take o pag-pursue ko ng course ko was one the biggest challenges in my life.

    1. ako lang kasi ang may gusto
    2. hindi ako pumasa sa pangarap na school ng magulang ko.
    3. may time na halos suyurin na namin ang mga lending companies para lang huwag akong huminto.
    4. magkaroon ng bagsak na grade, pag-tripan ng mga professors at ma-bad trip sa mga grade conscious classmates na nang-aagaw ng credit para sa kanilang grade.
    5. at magkaroon ng work kaagad na sana related para hindi masayang lahat ng tests na pinagdaanan ko at hiindi nakakahiya sa Nanay ko.

    of course, hanggang ngayon, everyday may challenge. pero masasabi ko lang kung gusto mo talaga ang nakuha mong course kahit anong dumating na problem, magagawa mo ang lahat para matapos ito ng bongga. puwedeng maiba ka ng field at ma-realize mo na lang iba pala ang gusto mo. pero at least nasabi mo na hindi ka nangsayang taon ng buhay mo kasi nag-aral kang mabuti sa landas/ course na napili mo.


    • lovely comment, hoshi. i’m glad things worked out right for you. it’s scary when you are the only one rooting for your choice, no? but i’m happy you stuck with it and even happier you succeeded. cheerio 😀

  3. hahaha that should have been the topic in my next post. you see last saturday i saw my classmates tarpaulin after passing the Architecture exam, then the next day a thousand kilometers away i saw another tarpaulin of a new architect – the picture was the then unknown Shamcey Supsup.. and that very moment i realized i made a big mistake 7years ago. did I just chose the wrong path?


      • dapat dito toh eh! hehe sorry sorry.
        btw I’m reading the Shack, i really love the happenings later in the book. I can see now why you sent me that book, I guess it answered some of my painful questions towards God. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. YOu’re a really good friend 🙂

        • i’m glad you enjoyed the book. it’s really nice. my aunt finished reading it yesterday too. she loved it too! the shack is one of my favorite books ever. you’re welcome. 🙂

  4. i’m in engineering. if i can turn back time, I’d have taken a course that doesn’t involve a lot of Maths also.. i mean, how was I supposed to know back then?? I just queue for the course with the shortest lines there is.. 🙂

    • that is a funny way to enroll in university! i’m glad i knew there would be tons of math in engineering or else i’m probably dead by now.

  5. When I first entered college, I went to Pre-Dent. Don’t ask it’s a matter of convenience. But since I knew I wasn’t keen on pursuing dentistry, by the end of pre-dent I went into chaos mode and had to choose between nursing and psychology. for me that’s a no-brainer because i hated the sight of blood. i also didn’t like to transfer school even though i had romantic notions of going to saint louis university. malamig + cute boys = you supply the missing here.

    like you i’m not using my degree.

  6. Education is something what can never be taken from you, so even though it feels unused in a professional way, in life… not so much.

  7. i would have taken physical therapy and most probably be practicing in the states with a relative. i sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out if i had not chickened out. i took engineering instead. 🙂

  8. hmmm….i’d probably take a different course. i’ve always wanted t be a psychologist. but our guidance councelor in HS told me di daw yun bagay sa akin…madaldal daw ako masyado. well, i now realize that there is a difference between being madaldal and blabbermouth. 🙂

  9. Awww. I would take up the course I really wanted. I was forced to take up Nursing so I gave up my slot in Media Studies! My only consolation are the friends I earned in college. Guess what? I’m a registered nurse who’s jobless! Well, not really. But the hell. ;p

  10. Honestly, I only got to decide the course I wanted to take around 4th year high school. Elder Brother told me about this program which involves most of the things I’m into (Web design and development, graphic design, video production, among others), and I thought, “Hey! That’s my kind of course.” And you know what… even thought my frustration about playing music just grew bigger around 4th year college, I think I still made the right choice. I want to do a lot of things, but I just focused on that fall-back plan whenever my other pursuits don’t work out for me (being a musician being one of those things).

    • i decided late too. i guess it’d be great if you also pursue your love for music so you can do two things and be ridiculously fulfilled! with great juggling, you’d never be bored. sounds like a plan, right?

  11. i don’t know.. it’s fun to think of the what ifs.. i don’t hate my path right now, but i would have liked it if my choices were decisive… i’m to fickle…

  12. Before I planned to take up Psychology but since this course is not that popular to my parents, I decided to follow their choice for me- Accountancy! And I am happy with my course! Mahirap pero the journey is very very…

    hard! hahaha!

    • at least everything turned out right diba? mother goose originally wanted psychology too pero hindi di natuloy! my best friend is a cpa too, pat!

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