Of Thunderstorms, The God Thor, And Pikachu On Cosplay

Horrible, horrible thunderstorm last night. I thought it would never end! During the day it was so hot I almost melted, then night falls and hello, Nordic God on a major tantrum!

I don’t know if it’s the sudden popularity of Thor or thunderstorms are just more frequent these days. Several days ago, the evening news reported separate deaths due to lightning strike, mostly fishermen out in the ocean. Sigh. It’s really scary how the weather is behaving. The NDRRMC chair said climate change may have something to do about it, rearranging the molecules in the air and giving birth to ferocious thunderstorms.

But you know what, when I see thunderstorms, the only thing occupying my mind is that picture above… and possible the couple of photos below:

I’m not sure who is hotter between the two though. Pikachu on a cape is serious. 😉

Photos taken from here and here.

20 thoughts on “Of Thunderstorms, The God Thor, And Pikachu On Cosplay

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  5. What was that again? Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was so busy staring at Chris Hemsworth he’s practically begging me to rape him in my mind. 😆

  6. hmm… i love the rain, but there is something about lighting that will really make you paranoid, hahaha. Solid Team Picachu!

    • sometimes lightning is nice to look at – incredible power. but other times it gets too much and all i want to do is hide!

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