Homemade Celebratory Leche Flan: Crème Caramel, Caramel Custard Recipe To Die For

Leche Flan is a ubiquitous Filipino dessert. In every celebration or holiday, you can count on it that leche flan or crème caramel is present on the table. If you are not from the Philippines, leche flan is a smooth, creamy, decadent caramel custard made from egg yolks and milk. It is exactly the thing constituting sweet dreams.

My first attempt at making leche flan was last Monday after My Man gave me the Goldilocks Bakebook as pasalubong over the weekend. I followed the baking recipe but the leche flan was less than satisfactory. It was  soggy! It reminded me of Mother Goose’s own leche flan disaster before but hers came out hard and lumpy! 😆

Not to be deterred, I looked up a different leche flan recipe yesterday, and this time it worked great. You won’t believe how happy I was seeing my leche flan picture perfect. It was golden and smooth, with the perfect consistency – just goes to show you how baking mistakes can easily be corrected with a different baking recipe! 😉 This is failing forward at its best! (Have you read my book review of Failing Forward? It’s a smart book!)

The recipe I followed for my successful leche flan is from a great website called Panlasang Pinoy. Last year, I made an egg pie for Don Domeng following their recipe that is also accompanied by a step by step video. Brilliant!

So today, I encourage you to make your own leche flan. This caramel custard will certainly put a smile on your face and in everyone you share it with.

Homemade Celebratory Leche Flan: Crème Caramel, Caramel Custard Recipe To Die For

  • 10 egg yolks
  • 1 can or 300 ml condensed milk
  • 1 cup  evaporated milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

1. In a bowl, mix the egg yolks, condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla thoroughly. Don’t stir too much to avoid too many bubbles from forming.

2. Meanwhile, heat an 8 in. round pan on the stove top on very low heat and caramelized the sugar. Be careful – you don’t want to touch caramel and you don’t want kids running around that can be hurt. Once the sugar melts and turns into a light brown caramel, set it aside and allow it to harden for a bit.

3. Slowly transfer the egg, milk, and vanilla mixture on the pan with the caramel, cover with foil, and steam for 35 minutes or until the leche flan is set. You can tell the leche flan is cooked once you poke it with toothpick and no bits of the caramel custard clings to it. Once done, cool completely and turn on a plate. Then… eat! 😀

31 thoughts on “Homemade Celebratory Leche Flan: Crème Caramel, Caramel Custard Recipe To Die For

  1. thank you for the recipe, delicious but too soft for me. i revised a little. instead of ten yolks, i used 6 yolks and 2 whole eggs. the rest of the ingredients remained the same.

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  5. ito lang ata naalala ko na naluto ko nung high school at hindi ko na alam gawin ngayon,

    so pag nagluto ako, nakabukas dapat basahin ko ito ulit. kapalit ni chef logro at ang program nya ang blog ni PM. yoyoyo!


    • nasurprise ako na madali lang pala gumawa ng leche flan. i was scared because it looked so delicate pero as it turns out simple lang pala siya. gawa ka din hoshi!

      • nahirapan at nangapa din ako nung gnagawa ko for the first time yan. pero worth it, lalo na kapag hindi lang ikaw ang nasarapan.

        oo gagawa na rin ako nyan, pinaglaway mo ako e. hahaha


        • i was daunted by separating the egg yolks. feeling ko nung una masyado akong clumsy para dito pero nag work out naman. hindi ako gumamit ng egg separator and ginamit ko hands ko talaga – messy pero effective!

  6. sarap naman PM!

    our yaya used to make that for us before. ang gusto ko sa leche flan yung butas butas….yung iba kong kapatid yung super buo. so ok lang kasi i think it has something to do with the egg white versus the egg yolk. hehe!

    • this one is made of pure egg yolks so no holes. my tita told me to add lemon rind to help cut the richness. maybe next time i will consider. but i’m not sure i want to cut the richness actually!

  7. costco one time sold goldilocks leche flan. pero one time lang. ewan bakit di naulit. baka di mabenta.

    i haven’t had leche flan in a long time. more than 10 years na siguro. but yours look really good.

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