Diablo III Monster Kill Asian Level: Teen Dies After 40 Hours Marathon

Crazy. There is this crazy news on Yahoo about an 18 year old in Taiwan dying from a 40 hour Diablo III marathon in an internet cafe. Where else do you hear news like this? Oh, wow. The actual cause of the death has yet to be identified in an autopsy but a blood clot from prolonged sitting might have caused it, says the authorities. Talk about a real monster kill.

When I was in college, I spent a lot of time playing a MMORPG too, called R.O.S.E online. If you have frequented this blog the past years, you might have seen screen shots of my avatar. I’m not sure I’m addicted though because I only played once I wake up until I sleep, with breaks for lunch, dinner, and toilet. This is obviously nothing compared to a 40 hour marathon… 

But death from gaming? It’s incredible really. Actually a couple of weeks ago, My Man, our friend, and I were discussing getting ourselves Diablo III. But at the end of it, we decided not to for fear that it will ruin whatever is left of our non lives. With the news of this death, I think we made the right decision.

Interestingly, this Diablo III fatality is not the only gaming marathon related death posted this year. Last February, there is another person in Taipei who died from heart attack while playing League of Legends. What is more interesting is that other people playing in the internet cafe did not notice he died already and discovered it nine hours later!


Photos taken from here and here.

16 thoughts on “Diablo III Monster Kill Asian Level: Teen Dies After 40 Hours Marathon

    • it can happen though i’ve never heard of it. i only heard of doctors doing it for long operations. i wonder how that works though? you are concentrating so hard then you have to relieve yourself. must be pretty interesting.

  1. buti na lang at kasing bagal ng pagong tulog ang pc ko… nagbabalak na rin ako bumili ng diablo 3.. pero sa ngayon skyrim ang nilalaro ko at every 4 hrs naman ay nagbebreak ako sa paglalaro dahil masakit sa ulo… nakapag laro ako sandali ng rose online, pero hindi ko na palakas character ko…

    • i think every four hours break is good, indulgent even. i was able to max my character quite fast. but once orlo kicked in i stopped playing. not enough time, i’m afraid. but if i’d have the chance to play again i really would in a heartbeat. my man is the first to get in on it and it became our bonding activity. it was fun to see the faces of the boys sometimes on the internet shop upon seeing us.

  2. The kid who died is probably farming for items to be sold on the auction house. Diablo III has an auction house that uses real world money. Some people have quit their jobs just to do this, and are actually successful at it.

    The only thing wrong about this is the kid overdid it. I play a lot of games too. But I can’t sit down for more than 2 hours. I have to do something else.

    • i agree. RMAH has brought so many changes to the games that have altered the rules of gaming. too bad this kid died. what’s more, i think some hardcore players are probably even laughing saying just 40 hours? 😆 hmm, i shouldn’t be joking about this, but really, this could’ve been prevented if the kid went to the toilet or something to get his blood going.

  3. A computer game can be harmless without us knowing it.. spending lots of time in computer is quite unhealthy. Good decision!! You saved your life 😀 The internet world without games is entertaining and addictive enough, how much more if may games pa 🙂

  4. You know what, recently we attended a seminar and heard this statement: “Gaming will save the world.” Well it deals about the good side of computer games and how these games motivate us to do good and have the drive or euphoria in online world but after hearing this news, isa lang ibig sabihin nun… masama sa katawan ang sobra!

    By the way a little trivia according to our seminar… 3 Billion hours are spent each day on computer games worldwide. =)

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