Filipino Recipes: The Next Big Reason For Good Eating

One of my most favorite Filipino recipes is for ginataang langka with crabs. It is made from unripe jackfruit, coconut, chilies, and shrimp bagoong. Come to think of it, this Filipino recipe has a Thai vibe to it, but it is definitely Filipino. Serve it with fried fish, preferably galunggong or sardine, with a cup or steamy rice and a food fight is sure to ensue.

If you have been coming and going from this blog for sometime now, you might have known by now my obsession over cooking shows. In the many I’ve devoured, I noticed Asian food is focused on neighboring countries like Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, and India. Filipino food is not highlighted, sometimes not even mentioned! But you know what, if you have never placed your tongue on authentic Filipino dishes and recipes, you are certainly missing a lot in life.

Filipino recipes combine ingredients and inspirations similar to what popular Asian countries do and make but it is done with a Spanish flair. The result is a hearty, flavorful, and attitude filled cuisine. It may not be as famous as other Asian cuisines, but it is equally interesting and satisfying.

Furthermore, I think Filipino recipes and food are more special because in this country, eating and cooking are always associated with family and belonging. Filipino food is always an expression of love and appreciation that eating here is always a celebration.

Also, Filipino cooks are known for not throwing anything away, which brings rise to dishes like dinuguan, made from the internal organs of pig with a broth made of its blood, and the many Filipino street foods around.  Actually, the crabs put into my favorite ginataang langka are usually leftovers too, from steamed crab from the previous meal or day!

I really hope Andrew Zimmern is right on the explosion of Filipino food in the global market very soon. There is an awful lot of good recipes to share and good memories to make for anyone to make a pass on Filipino recipes. Happy eating! 🙂

Dinuguan photo taken here.

16 thoughts on “Filipino Recipes: The Next Big Reason For Good Eating

    • napanook ko dati sa isang travel and food show, sobrang amazed sila sa food na kulay itim tapos sabi nila sa italy lang daw yata makikita yun, when they cook something like adobong pusit. all along i was thinking, oh but you should see dinuguan! i like dinuguan too but i must admit i only eat those made with pork meat, not internal organs.

    • may trivia ko para sayo. ang alimango mula dito sa lugar namin ay distinct. may three dots siya sa shell na makikita mo diyan sa photo. pag walang dots, sa ibang lugar siya nahuli.

    • we never made it with shrimp, siguro next time 🙂 i really love sea food and i’m so blessed there is an abundance here from where i am.

    • indeed. i like crabs of this size because they are sweet and salty. i find that the ones bigger tend to be bland while smaller ones have too little flesh to satisfy.

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