Fifty Shades Of Grey Book Review: How Much Can You Get Creative With Sex

Book number 24: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Another book from My Man’s shopping bag. Thank you, Babe. 🙂  I did not realize this book is so popular right now. I needed new titles to read and Fifty Shades of Grey was suggested in my book club on Facebook.

What it is: The back cover says erotic romance and if I’m being completely honest, the first few chapters gave  me a headache. However, Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t all printed porn, as some may call it, but a psychological expositionFreud would have a field day, the book says. It shows how early experiences affect the development of people, alongside the subject of “pleasure and pain, reward and punishment“, knowing one’s self, and pushing boundaries.

It asks readers how far can you go to fulfill certain needs, how long can you go to understand someone you feel for, and how deep can you go to get acquainted with your deepest, darkest, and probably, most embarrassing desires.

What I liked about it: Fifty Shades of Grey is one big fight amongst the id, ego, and superego – writhing tension from start to finish! The narration is funny, witty, sexy, dark, and electrifying. But the best thing about Fifty Shades of Grey, I found, is that it is hot and cold at the same time. The mercurial flow is gripping and the ending pretty fit – it was what I was hoping for all along. If it did not end the way it did, Fifty Shades of Grey would have lost its appeal. I also approve of the many email bits – nice way to break the monotony of the text while shedding more light to the characters.

Speaking of, the characters are developed well and quite believable. Interestingly, I think the fascination of women with Fifty Shades of Grey begins and ends with the enigmatic Mr. Grey. He may come with “a bloody contract, a flogger, and a whole world of issues” but he is one “creepy good-looking bastard.” Given that not all women appreciate men who has a Red Room of Pain who regularly seeks sex slaves, Mr. Grey fits the bill of the main man in most women’s fantasies, well, minus the “fifty shades of fucked up” bit of course – wealthy, powerful, seductive, competent, strong-willed, passionate, not to mention smoldering hot that it is almost an excuse to be a sexual psychopath, fykwim.



I must mention though, that while reading, I sometimes picture him as the younger version of Tony Stark, and Taylor, Agent Colton. But I also agree with him being played by Thor, as my blog friend Sheng suggested. The song Volcanoes would also make for great musical scoring.

What I did not like about it: This may sound stupid but the detailed and repeated sex did not go well with me. It must have been a hundred orgasms and ejaculations. Holy fuck. Plus, the idea that Anastasia is 21 leaves me queasy. Also, I roll my eyes at the many sex parts on Fifty Shades of Grey where Ana would have three orgasms and Mr. Grey would come only at the end of three. Seriously, in real life, there is this little thing called premature ejaculation. 🙄 He may have an erection on steroids but his qualifications are certainly far from the sexual prowess of a pig. Lastly, the real story shows itself midway in the book and blazes to the end, abruptly, maybe too abruptly, that somehow I feel shortchanged – that or I need to get the sequel to the trilogy.

Recommended for: Read this if you are someone looking for more creative ideas with sex, for those bored couples, and perhaps anyone else who would not watch porn but would willingly read it. 😉 No, really, if you have an open mind and you want to read a more adventurous genre, then go for Fifty Shades of Grey – it might improve your circulation.

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63 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Grey Book Review: How Much Can You Get Creative With Sex

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  2. I enjoyed this review–moreso, however, I enjoy your blog sub-title, about “pooping in public”. Very original.

    I realize this is almost as sleazy as Christian Grey himself, but I’d like to invite you–shamelessly–to plug my own book, a parody of such works as 50 Shades.

    I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I’ll be hosting this weekend of a book of my own which was inspired, to some extent, by the illiteracy of the 50 Shades series. The book is ludicrous–purposefully so. Here’s a bit of a link, if you’re interested…

    thanks for your consideration, and I apologize in advance for so shamelessly, brazenly asking you to plug my thing in the comments section of your blog.


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  6. hmm, naiintriga ako sa librong to, wahaha, kaso malamang wala nito dito sa disyerto, napakalimited ng books na binibenta d2 eh, 😦 umay pa naman pag e-book,

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  9. I finally had a chance to read last weekend, both Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker. My goodness, it took me 13 hours to finish it. I was like laughing, swooning and getting overwhelmed over the novels. I liked the plot in the sense na talagang pinanindigan ni E.L James na (dark) erotic romance ito with all the descriptive characterization of Christian and Anastasia. Hot kung hot ito. Pero it is a little repetitive, especially the sex storyline/part. My god, always having sex? Diosmio, gaano ka doable naman yan? Ang sakit ha! And it is psychologically draining to read in the sense na you have really dig in deeper to understand the stand of the two characters in the story. Medyo naloka ako doon, I even had to stop in between reading just to get a dictionary, even fire away google para makasabay ako sa ‘tension’ ng characters. But end point of this all, it is a good novel, the plot had a good structure and all. Pero cmon, it’s for mature audience. I couldn’t believe that this book has been sold out, in a conservative country like the Philippines? My goodness can’t believe! 😛

    • that is the power of a book for you – put something as rad as sex in print and suddenly it is acceptable to the public. that or sex simply sells. :mrgreen: i will not comment much on the book since my book review of fifty shades darker will be up in a few hours. but i do agree that the sex bits get old quickly. i love you used dios mio, i find jose saying it within the novel kind of hot.

  10. i sometimes think that anastasia might be a bit insane because she kept talking to her internal goddess.. nyahaha. grey is painted as a sex god… i read that not many men can even identify if a woman has real orgasm or just faking it..

    • she is smitten and quite naive, isn’t she? grey is the epitome of women’s fantasies, despite of him being a sexual psychopath of course, maybe that is why the book sells. i agree on the orgasm bit – they can’t tell for sure or else all the lying won’t be so rampant. :mrgreen: but we can’t tell them that, can we? 😉

  11. This book really sounds interesting, at first nagulat ako nung binasa mo siya, i was like, well PM read this kind of books pala. Hmm…. Im looking for a comment you made, you said i was like clay in 13 reasons why.,.,. hehe. 😀

    kabibili ko lang ng book yesterday. hinahabol kita, pero di much. hahaha

    • i hope you have fun with the book. i think it is very young adult type though.50 shades was suggested to me and i did not bother to check it out and just went for it. i was equally surprised to find myself reading it, lj. 😆

  12. Ah, so this is the Fifty Shades of Grey everyone’s talking about here in the office. Sounds interesting. PM, if you have time, read Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke. One of my favorite books evurrr. 🙂

  13. Alam mo ba! Binasa ko lang ito kasi sabi nung isang blogger friend ko ito daw ay walang katapusang humping scenes. YEY!

    Chapter 1.. Okay. para akong nagbabasa ng Sweet Valley High

    Chapter 2.. Landian galore. I’m getting bored.

    Chapter 3.. Wala pa ding umaatikabong sex! Puro landian lang.

    Chapter 4.. Wala pa ding sex scenes. Hindi ko ‘to ini-expect!

    So ayun, hindi ko alam kung ipagpapatuloy ko pa din ang pagbabasa. Im so disappointed! Anong chapter ba sila nagsex para makapag skip read na lang.

    • the book is interesting enough. sabi ni my man tower daw ang dami ng copies ng books na to sa fullybooked 😆 what truly fascinates me is how people reacts to this erotic book. it’s like sex is suddenly okay for mass consumption. i think for a book to do that is incredible in its own right.

  14. This past weekend, I was all set to purchase the ‘controversial’ novel but it was out of stock. Bummer. I guess this just proves how popular it is, it is sold out. I’m curious about it, I want to find out what the fuss is all about. Not just for the intimate parts but also what you call the psychological exposition.

    • it’s a psychosexual thing really, freud, you know. tons of sex but if you look for the principle you will see the psychosexual exposition quite clearly.

    • i did not know what to expect with the book prior to picking it up. may nagbigay lang ng title and i went for it. ayun ganito pala siya. :mrgeen:

    • we are on the same boat, addie. i was actually surprised to know this was rather a popular book. it was suggested by a member of my book club and i just went for it.

  15. Good you mentioned “psychological exposition.” Akala ko puro lang sex.. This book is getting so popular.. btw, who’s “Your Man”? May-ari ba siya ng National Book Store? He seems to be a good supplier of books.hehe

    • it starts with a lot of sex and it will feel as if it won’t end, but once the characters get peeled, the freudian expedition begins. it is indeed popular as all three books are in the ny best seller now. i think people are buying it because it is such an overt show of sex as opposed to other acts which indulge in the same activity but are done in private. it is like everyone is in on a huge secret. my man is quite the spoiler, i’m afraid… but i’m not complaining just yet. 😉

  16. binabasa ito ng mga kaibigan ko sa ofc as in pinag-uusapan nila lagi. ewan ko kailan ko magagawang basahin yan pero sa popularity nyan nakakahalina rin ha.

    na-suggest na rin nila na maganda si Thor para dyan. pero ako mas trip pa rin si Brad Pitt. naalala ko kasio yong Troy niya.

    • i was surprised to find the book very popular. hindi kasi ako mahilig sa main stream. the book was suggested in the book club on facebook so i gave it a try. i think brad pitt is a bit old for christian grey though his features are similar to chris hemsworth. if this will be a movie i think i’d watch it though i’m not the biggest movie goer.

  17. “Also, I roll my eyes at the many sex parts on Fifty Shades of Grey where Ana would have three orgasms and Mr. Grey would come only at the end of three. Seriously, in real life, there is this little thing called premature ejaculation. 🙄 He may have an erection on steroids but his qualifications are certainly far from the sexual prowess of a pig.”

    –Haha. This is totally true. I was interested to read this because of the erm, sex parts (just because I was curious……okay, let’s pretend that’s the truth). But then as I read through the first and then the second and the first few pages of the third, I realized how badly written it was. Oh, and yeah, I honestly think it’s impossible (either that, or totally unfair) for Ana to have three orgasms almost ALL the freaking time. However, it does give you more creative ideas…so to each their own I guess! 😛

    P.S. I stopped reading after the 5th page of the third book. I got bored with the choice and words and manner of narration, to say the least.

  18. Interesting Princess…Read about the reviews, much like yours…that makes the book more interesting…I think. Popular books are eventually extracted for movies… I think this would be hmmmm….lets wait and see…

    • all three books on the series are on the NY best seller list right now. it might be a possibility, a movie. it’s so curious who gets the part of christian grey – hormones alert!

    • it’s for mature audience, yes. it can be possible but not every time. minsan yes, minsan hindi. kaso sa book alam mo yun parang machine si christian grey. :mrgreen:

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