Fifty Shades Darker: Trilogy Sequel Is Definitely Damn Brighter

Book number 26: Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James, sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey and number two on the 50 Shades trilogy. I’ll never get tired of saying this so, thank you, Babe for the book. 🙂

What it is: The sequel is a revelation about the characters, “a simple, honest journey” or a growing up of some sort. It is actually one long epiphany coming from Fifty Shades of Grey. Actually, the first book could have been eliminated all together and simply incorporated into Fifty Shades Darker (and I’m guessing that goes the same for Fifty Shades Freed, but I have yet to read it to confirm my thoughts).

The central theme of the book is how everyone is “entitled to unconditional love“, how it is “the best therapy” and how it can change the “whole outlook of life“, even to the “self abhorrent” who has made a lifestyle out of “whipping and fucking women who look like [his] mother” as a means of deranged coping, but you have to let the love in first, with a little “faith and patience”.

What I liked about it: Compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, the sequel has more meat than meat. Fifty Shades Darker has more dimension in terms of action, character, and emotion. I’m very impressed flipping through it, as the prequel did not have as much breadth, very good indeed.

I adore the complexity of the build of Christian Grey’s character and how it was peeled in the narration of Fifty Shades Darker. He is right and wrong all at once, beautiful and broken, easy and difficult, strong and weak; reminds me of the depth of Noah from The Notebook, except that Grey is “beautiful, sexy as fuck, richer than Croesus and crazy with a capital K“… a memorable fictional character indeed. He is a far cry from the usual chick lit knight who is either too good, too bad, or too boring. I am similarly amused seeing the inner masochist of Anastasia Steele. Oh, the lengths women will go only for a smoldering hot guy… :mrgreen: interesting.

Similarly, Fifty Shades Darker justified the behavior of the characters quite well and in a believable manner too (except the part where Grey mentions kids – he is tormented even by his lover’s touch for heaven’s sake!). It is an affirmation that even when peeling someone with as much as 50 shades or layers, it will be damn faster if you use a knife. 😉 The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey remains witty, funny, but this time, fast, tender, and begins at the beginning, unlike the prequel. I appreciate the symbolism brought on by the sailing trip too, as an emphasis on moving forward, which is highly stressed by the book. Fifty Shades Darker very much picked at the past but heavily outlined the future too, with all actions in the present, nice.

What I did not like about it: Though some bits are interesting, the repeated sex can be boring really. I did not like the idea that every other guy in the book is smitten with Anastasia too. I mean, in a book, one character who has caught all the physical advantages from the heavens is enough – two is overkill and quite annoying. Similarly, I find the Aphrodite comparisons very cheesy.

The fact that Charlie Tango got tampered with by the delusional editor that Grey fired is a tad far fetched for me too. C’mon, the guy has security protocols and full time staff, how the hell is that possible? Also when Anastasia refers to Christian as Fifty it makes me think of 50 cent the rapper, somebody help me out here. 😆

Finally, I really am not sure if this is entirely a bad thing, but everything I have foretold that will happen in Fifty Shades Darker, after reading Fifty Shades of Grey, proved to be accurate, so in a way it is predictable, but I honestly cannot think of any other way for the story to move along so…

Recommended for: Read Fifty Shades Darker if you want a more substantial chick lit and is willing to keep an open mind about it… and if you like sex, then waste no time, life is short.

44 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Darker: Trilogy Sequel Is Definitely Damn Brighter

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  3. read fifty shades freed and make a review as well. in that book, the charlie tango scene will somehow fit a puzzle. it’s really connected. and i agree on the book being predictable. more enlightenment on freed but i found it boring. may scenes lang na medyo masaya pero boring sya compared sa ayun

  4. I wish i had her ability to write three books like that, i have read all of them and i think most woman would love to have a man like that crazy over them
    Well done, and thanx for giving us all a little bit of the old magic back again.

  5. i”m almost done with the first part. The first time that my friend handed the book and started reading it, the only thing I can say is “Oh my God”. I can’t stop reading it. I read every detailed of it and can’t help it somehow I want to be “Anastacia”. lol. I wonder if Christian Grey does exists in this time. And guess what we even searched the character of C. Grey that would fit any of the Holywood actor, Ryan Gosling was one of them. I can’t wait to read the 2nd and the third part. Please send me the ebook version – PDF files. Heres my email add: Anybody thanks in advance. By the way, is the word “fuck” always mentioned on the other part which I think over use in Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • i have read up to darker but i have not touched freed and i don’t think i will in the near future. you want to be anastasia? why? obviously i like the way grey as a character was portrayed. he’s deranged and powerful. i sent you the files. enjoy.

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  8. I loved your review if only because you actually made the book look nicer than it really is. heehee. I’m done with the first two books and about a third in freed. If I’m not mistaken, Fifty was originally just a book which was divided into three that’s why if you will notice, the way the first two books ended would compel you to read the next. 😦

    There was a time when I had to intentionally stop reading ‘Darker’ in the middle of it because I thought it was too boring. All the cheesy stuff, the nonstop sex and the perpetual musing about how great looking, how perfect, how wonderful they both are, were just too much. And yes, the lapses were just too stupid. One former sub who was actually crazy eluding tight security, and yes, even that crazy former editor sabotaging Charlie Tango just to add spice to the story were also too much. Makes you realize how superficial the plot is. It’s actually nothing but a kinkier (and human) version of the Twilight story, which is actually apt, Fifty, being developed from a Twilight fan fiction or something.

    haha! but like others out there, once I start something, I know I have to finish it, even if I already know what happens in the third book. so yeah, I guess I will still finish the third book. 🙂

    Oh, I am reading the ebook version. I have the PDF copies which I converted to mobi format. who wants a copy? 🙂

    • great review too! did i make it sound nicer than it really is? sorry for that, it’s just that i enjoyed it though it is not perfect. what i’m trying to say is that darker is nicer than grey. we are so on the same boat on finishing what we started. but i’m glad i never read twilight though i thought it was like twilight based on the new moon movie i watched. mind if i ask for a copy of the pdfs? i have the books but my friends wants the ebooks.

      • I don’t mind at all. heehee. what’s your email add? I haven’t gotten the chance to go around here much so I am not sure if you posted your email addy somewhere here.. sorry naman. 🙂 if you don’t want to post it, you can tweet me. or leave a comment in my site ( 🙂

        • i already did 😀 my email ad is the one i used to leave the comment on your site. let me know right? thanks. i am still smiling over the fact that we don’t stop reading even when things are quite challenging. 😆

            • thank you kaye 😀 when i write the review of freed i’d buzz you – i really want your take on it. the darker review of yours amused me.

              • haha! mashadong nanglait ba? Honestly, there were a lot of times when I would inwardly cringe while reading them because paulit ulit ulit ulit yung mga lines and it shows how EL James tries very hard to make it American-sounding (she is British) that the lines sometimes come off as archaic.

                But as I have said, your review actually made me think the books are nice. hehehe. i’ll continue where I left off in Freed. I’m about at that stage where they’d find out she is pregnant (I am just guessing, by the looks of it, since what else happens if you’ve been humping like bunnies, right?)

                aw. please don’t kill me. I am just guessing, as I have said. hahaha!

                • the repeated lines, yes. but i actually appreciate the fact that it is not as british as i thought it would be. the last brit book i read, with one lousy free packet of seed, gave me a headache (but if you will read the review i’m certain you’d say i made it sound nicer than it really is :lol:) she gets pregnant? isn’t that a lapse? with all the condoms, pills, and injection?

                    • because in darker they had the injection as birth control. interesting. ack, i haven’t read it but i already have a complaint. 😆

                    • haha i remember that, but somehow, there’s the feeling of being led to believe she’d get pregnant. the weight, the mood swings. you know the drill..

                      i really have to start reading again. sigh. haha!

                    • ack, i’m silently wishing freed would not suck as much as i think it would. you are only confirming my uncertain thoughts. go, go, go read!

                    • darker is nice compared to grey. freed has been in my desk for months pero i have not gotten the inspiration to read it. feeling ko sisirain niya yung character ni grey na gusto ko 😆

    • yes, for women. i won’t appreciate men reading this really. actually my friend was telling me yesterday about her boyfriend excited to read this and my answer was “seriously, your boyfriend has a problem.” 😆

  9. Cheers for the chick lit! Damn sexy chick lit this is 😀 The plot of Fifty Shades Darker is kind of predictable but I like it that it finally had a more in-depth description of Christian’s character. I liked the part where Christian went into submissive mode. I was screaming inside my head , “Oh my God sinapian si Christian!” then laughed. (gosh, I’m sabaw lang) And yes, sex was just overrated in the book. Grabe lang ang stamina ng dalawang to ha. Kebs lang!

    • that was freaky, when he wanted to be dominated… but still sexy. :mrgreen: i’m really amused with the character of christian grey, maybe i’ll make a post to say why, idk. i’m guessing the sex was dragged to add more length to the book, to stretch it, i’m not certain. their sexual stamina quite matches the olympics, don’t you think so too? 😆

      • My god, their sexual stamina is just way too much. Sila nang hungry masyado! 😀 Anyway, Christian Grey’s character the good side that is, is just too good to be true. Rich guy, smoking hot with a to-die- for greek god body, ever-willing to make a woman happy and satisfied. My goodness gracious, siya nang almost perfect. Who wouldn’t go gaga over him diba? I know I did, swooning and all. Pero somehow his fifty shades fucked up personality also somehow represents I guess that not all things that glow are gold (sana tama ang nasabi kong saying). Behind his sweet and yummy-ness lies a dark secret, na parang in-real life we all have secrets that we keep deep down inside us. Wow, ansabe?!

        • true, i wondered for a moment if there are people who are like this in real life when it came to sex. i’m not really attuned to it so i guess i’ll never know. i think your assessment on grey is correct but this is part of the reason why he is such a knock out: the complexity of his character, the mix of good and bad is intoxicating. i credit the author for that, even when he is deranged you still love the character – that is brilliant.

    • it has been announced. there is actually a link on this post on the imdb website. the actors have not been announced but in my book club they told me it was that guy you just mentioned, the one from vampire diaries? but idk him really, and i want it to be chris hemsworth :mrgreen: my other sister wants ryan gosling. my youngest sister approves of ian. my other sister does not care because she is in med school and have no time for our foolishness. 😆

      • Oh really. now I need to invade bookstores to get a copy of these books. I wanted to read before i watch it. Darn! Im sure wala na nman to dto sa GenSan. arghhh. At natawa ako dito, “my other sister does not care because she is in med school and have no time for our foolishness.”

        • i think it is available in pdf. i saw 50 shades darker on the app store so maybe the other books are also there, i can’t be sure. i’m not keen on e-books because of my ailing eyes. she really does not care because she does not have the time. she cannot even sleep, how on earth will she manage to join our debate? but you know, i don’t think chris hemsworth will foot this movie… oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she? :mrgreen:

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