In Other Words: Archived Poetry Show And Tell

Right, so what I wanted to post today is something I hope will please several blog friends who have asked for some literary farts from my culinary adventures in the respiratory system. I thought of writing new ones but I figured I should show you what I have wasted my time on before and maybe you can tell me how bad I am, then I would not have to think about writing new ones. 😆 I’m babbling because I’m nervous, blah.

These are some poetry stuff I managed to squeeze out of the old cabbage in years past – if you can call them poetry. They have been posted here before and I’m reposting now for your… pleasure? To be honest, I like fiction better because it does not make my soul writhe as much. The again, poetry cannot be helped so here goes nothing.

Broken Waves

(From the post Crash and Burn; September 27, 2008)

I did not intend to go, but I was glad I decided to stop

By the beach and see the sun cast its warm glow on the troubled sea,

As the waves violently crash, against each other before

Finally bowing down to the shore… broken, but only to go back,

And crash again, and again, and again without a care in the world.

Because waves were meant to crash against each other and

Into the shore. No matter how broken it looks to the eye,

It will always stay the same because that’s how it should be.

Like you and me, crashing and burning but always

Returning to each other. Because we both know very well

That’s how we both want it to be, no matter the struggle of the waves.

Because ultimately there is beauty amidst the chaos of it all.

Crossing the Line

(From the post Hanging by a Moment; May 26, 2009)

At the very edge I hung – thinking

Whether I should let go and allow myself to fall,

To what seemed like a glorious plunge,

To what seemed like a blinding, maddening downward flight.

I looked down – tense, curious.

I could almost hear my frantic scream, loud and faint as I go down, down, down.

A scream of pleasure and horror, as I have become prey.

‘Let go’ – it is very, very tempting.

I closed my eyes – savoring my moment of indecision…

The taste of intoxication fills my mouth,

As a cold sweat of fear trickle down my neck.

It is close – any moment now.

My fingers loose grip – one after the other.

I chill in lost anticipation, wonder, awe…

As I throw my head back to feed my fall, ready for the long way down –

Let’s see if I can grow wings.

After You

(From the post Empty Memories; October 27, 2010)

The rain fell earnestly as I go back to

the door that opened the room I had left

for so long, for fear and uncertainty.

I cannot see you.

There is nothing here but empty spaces,

and I let out a small sigh,

both of frustration and satisfaction. You had

always been my despair and my delight.

The silence, and coldness, that I see here,

coming back now, wreathed around

me like a long lost friend, as I see myself

reflected in the mirror we put up ourselves,

tiny, and broken as the last fragments of the mirror

fall into a crash… and I see the real me

pretending to be strong, pretending

what happened was not real.

We Stand Alone Together

(From the post Culinary Adventures in the Cardiovascular System; February 1, 2012)

Like a ghost you were there

Distant, unfeeling, strange.

Not unlike in my dreams

Where you’d hold my hand,

Or kiss me,

And smile.

The years gone I hoped to mend things,

To put everything right,

In our silence… distance;

To make us forget… to make us whole.

But your eyes belie them all

And I lie still with guilt.

Hurt, uncertainty, shame… fear.

No words need be uttered

But I saw them all in you,

Reminding me of so much

I tried to forget – and thought I did –

Until now.

Maybe time heals all wounds.

But I know a lost cause…

For nothing can be taken back

Before the worst.

Photos taken from here, here, here, and here.

33 thoughts on “In Other Words: Archived Poetry Show And Tell

  1. If I was a house elf and the only thing that would free me was if I wrote a decent poem, I’d probably die a slave. I don’t understand poems. And that makes me not like them one bit. So, good job. You wrote at least three. I could never do that even at gunpoint. 😐

    • but then if we were house elves we would not want to be free, do we? 😉 if you noticed, i write about one in a year. talk about practicing 😆

    • you are too kind. but yes, i try. i like that one too. i saw the meme and i’d do it after two days since my posts have been lined up. thank you for helping me come up with personal posts too. you’re awesome. i noted that in your answers we could have been the same. i so want to be your friend. 🙂

      • Yaaay! Oh goodness, who wouldn’t like to be your friend? You’re just SO KITTY AWESOME. I would love to be your friend, I’m sold on this idea too. And so, cheers to our friendship then. Thank you for finding me and my bleaching thoughts interesting. High five! 🙂

  2. wow! hindi lang pangkusina, pang tula pa *teng* ,, ikaw na pm… hay.. nakakainggit naman kayo at ang huhusay ninyong gumawa… nakaka-inspire tuloy.. pero hindi na ako magbabalak tumawid sa mundo ninyo.. spectator na lang ako… bravo!!

  3. hello, PM… thanks for dropping by, kapatid and for the compliment. 🙂 btw, i found the sentiments in the poems above as simple, honest and well-told. ain’t you being hard on yourself, huh? 😉 they’re about the feelings induced by love and loving, senga ba? the doubts, the different shades and hues, parang gano’n ang kuha ko. oh, you told them well… ^^

    ah, yong nakita mong poem sa site, Salansan went through 12 rounds of editing, 20 mins each. at that rate, don’t you think it should sound and appear like mukha namang in-edit? ahaha. ^^ naikwento ko sa post na Kayo po ang pipili ang mini-journey ko sa pagtula-tula. it’s never been easy, kapatid. matagal rin before one gets the rhythm of it, kumbaga.

    maganda na ang umpisa mo rito, as in… sa editing ang usual na pahirap and edge din, hehe. that’s what will give the pieces the tautness and the desired weight and mood of the poems – kung meron ngang gano’n, hehe. ^^ regards and cheers. 😉

  4. Yung Crossing the Line, i can relate it to my experience in doing Plunge sa Danao sa Bohol. The thrill is still fresh in my memory kahit na it happened almost a couple of years ago.

  5. wow naman! poet ka din pala! 🙂

    im not really a fan of poetry. baka kasi di ako marunong gumawa ng tula! haha! pag si wendy may homework, i just tell her, “basta ipagrhyme mo every two lines!” hahaha!

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