Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook Pero Meron, Meron, Meron

This week is proving to be a nightmare with the quest to write more personal posts, jeez. But anyway, Dorm Boy gave me an idea on how to go about it – via slum book. C’mon, admit it, you had one of these growing up. I knew I did and I was quite fond with it because of the questions. I like questions (actually, even in the review center before, I only attended testing days.)

I searched Google for questions and this is what I found. It might look immature but I think it might be fun and to make it worse better, I’d make it a meme and tag blog friends so they’d be mortified get to have fun too, fykwim. 😉 Alright, on to the show!

Name one thing you would never or rarely get bored of doing: Apart from breathing? Writing. This is no hobby or indulgence, but a compulsion – I have to write. I can stop reading but writing is non negotiable. Even if I’m bored with it, to my mind there is no doubt I’d keep going so yes, I have shitty writing problems.

Is there a fictional character from a movie, TV show, or a novel you wish existed in real life: Trying to ignore the fact that every fictional character exists in real life, I have several actually, Dumbledore and Christian Grey for starters (and I changed my mind about wishing Chris Hemsworth playing him on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie – I choose Michael Phelps :mrgreen:)

What did you want to be when you grow up: Pastry chef, writer, and teacher. I’d add engineer but that is being delusional, I knew it even then. Every single one of these I have lived. Glad I did not dream of being a Vegas show girl then…

What super power would you like to have: Invisibility, teleporting, or telepathy… I don’t want to fly though. But I do look like a control freak for picking these choices, don’t I?

What is your worst habit: I’m not social as what is expected, not for mass consumption. I’m better in print, trust me on this one.

What is your best quality: Keeping it real, even if what is real completely sucks.

An accomplishment you’re most proud of: Keeping myself together for the last several years.

One word to describe your life so far: Okay.

What are the things that piss you off most: When I know I am being stupid or when I get affected by the stupidity of other people… that’s fucked. 🙄

What makes you cry: I have not cried in a long while so I don’t know. If I hurt my feet by slamming it on the door accidentally, I guess. Yes, I should cry sometime. 😆

You laugh because: It is a close thing to the bread of life… or because something is funny. I laugh easily. My family has a great sense of humor. Our Thai friend said we’re all crazy; runs in the family.

If I did not know better I would: Be violent. I try not to fight with pigs because there is no sense but it’d sure feel better if I could just punch some people in the face sometime.

Wow, this proved to be not so bad! So it’s your turn now guys, LJ, potsquared, MFP, addie, leeyo, miko, and kaye. Don’t be a wuss do it if you can, okay? 😆 Tag your blog friends too and link to this post so we can all have a ball. I’m out.

Photo taken from here and here.

70 thoughts on “Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook Pero Meron, Meron, Meron

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  2. hahaha…i remember our elementary days…slum book na si crush muna ang unang pasasagutin tapos kapag sinoli na yung slumbook (which we also call autograph hehe) yung page kung saan nakalagay ang question na “who is your crush” ang unang uusisain hahaha…

  3. kakatuwa naman…. at dito pala nagsimula ang thread kaya lumabas yung mga mapanirang utak na mga katanungan ni Potpot?

    slumbook talaga prinsesa? ito na ba ang bagong menu?


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  5. you sneaky musang.. :))

    :3 will do., and i think im kinda wuss.. :)) HAHAHAHA! kasi naman eh… TT-TT but anyways, i’m not gonna spoil the fun, so… gagawa na ako. eto na nga oh. :))

  6. Ow. Christian Grey is on top of my list too 😀 Ahahaha! I can’t think of anyone from Hollywood. I don’t know why Daniel Matsunaga (yes, Heart Evangelista’s ex-boyf) always comes to mind. I’m NOT a fan and I know he’s far from how Christian Grey looks.

    Btw, slum books will always be part of our lives, especially the who-is-your-crush part 😀

    • slum books are always nostalgic but they can make you cringe sometimes, remembering what you wrote or did in the past 😆 i still go for michael phelps :mrgreen:

  7. I have yet to do this, PM. But I’m excited 😆

    I don’t plan on reading Fifty Shades of Grey but if there was someone I’d like to play Christian Grey I’d choose Ewan McGregor. Just because I know he won’t be scared showing his dingdong off. And I’d love it. *pervface*

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  9. Yup, I am a wuss. whuuuut?! Hahaha Because we aim to please here, I just answered and posted mine. I was surprised when you wanted Michael Phelps to be Christian Grey. Pero hmmm, puwede! I’d prefer him over (gay guy) Matt Bomer (which was allegedly casted to be Grey) and Ian Somerhaulder (I hope I got his name right!) of Vampire Diaries. The vegas show girl thought made me laugh hard though 😀

    • it’s because michael phelps is leaner than chris hemsworth… and he is hot too. :mrgreen: yes, we do aim to please here and i’d check out your post in a bit. i have done the meme you threw my way yesterday and it comes up over the weekend – it was hard to answer it, if i may say so myself. i do not want matt to play grey because his face is not fierce; ian on the other hand is not as charismatic, idk. btw, my sister will kill me for saying that about ian. 😆

      • Well true, Phelps is shall I say ‘sexier’ because of his body. Puwede nang Christian Grey. Matt is gay so I was like what the fuck are they thinking? Women can’t like fantasize over someone who doesn’t like… girls 😦 I guess they’re choosing Ian because of his eyes and body which I think somehow fits the character well. I think. Thank you though for taking time in answering my meme. It is kind of hard to answer since it asked for three specific things, but I’m excited to read check yours this weekend 🙂

        • sayang michael phelps is not an actor. has there been an announcement on who will actually play the part? i checked imdb but found none. maybe these are just rumors. i have read your answers already but i cannot comment because i am on my phone only. the killing spree sounds tempting… and you want to taste grey, huh? like adam levine, hati tayo, okay? 😀

  10. wow.. naaalala ko na kapag nagpapasulat kami ng mga ganyan tapos kapag tinanong “who’s your crush?” laging sagot number.. tapos magbibilang kami ng number sa pangalan namin, hoping na kami yung crush nila.. hihihi… at.. teka.. bakit.. nakatag.. ako.. OH NOES!!! pero sige.. magreresearch ako gamit ang enyclopedia britannica ng mga malulupit ng questions… magpapakaseryoso ako kahit one time lang… one time big time! thanks pm… at maghiwa ka ng sibuyas para umiyak ka…

    • hindi ko yata alam yung may number-number! sagutin mo sa isang blog post yung same questions dito pag may time ka. yung ibang nakatag ginawa na, revealing pala talaga ang mga tanong na to. 😀

    • lovely to hear we have things in common hoshi. i’ve been discriminated, misjudged, and attacked even, because of my social limitations. this is why it is important for me to understand that not all people have sense and if they cannot understand me then i must try to understand them.

  11. siempre di ako huli…madami akong slum book at autograph book noon!

    natawa ako sa pic: who is your first kiss? parents. haha! the classic (and safest) answer!

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    • oo nakakatawa diba? wala na akong nakitang slum book noong high school. until elementary lang yan sa buhay ko, until when i was 10 i think.

  13. I’m not a wuss, but can I procrastinate for a little, liiiiiiiiiiiitle, while? 🙂
    Enjoyed your answers. Jeez. Feels like high school once again.

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