What And How To Text Your Crush, Seriously

I hardly qualify to shed dating advice for I’ve been dating the same person for nearly a decade (and I’m not complaining), but earlier I came across some good texting stuff and I thought it might help you, in case you are still out there staring at your damn phone for all eternity, wondering why your current flavor of the month did not reply, or worse you haven’t sent anything for the person to reply to. 😯 Frustrating, isn’t it? God, there are really big perks from being off the market…

Anyhow, here are 10 things that might stir your crush’s interest in you through text messaging. I’m not certain why all of these work, but thinking about them makes me believe they will work. I don’t know, you can try it out, and maybe let me know. 😆 Good luck!

10 Ways to Text your Crush 

  1. Keep it simple and casual. Go with one question per message. The last thing you want is to bombard the other person on the line with questions that leaves him or her feeling like he or she is getting interviewed for a job or something.
  2. Keep your messages shorter.
  3. Don’t wait over the phone for them to reply. Fire a text and go do something else. And no, obsessing is not allowed while you are doing something else.
  4. If you get a reply, don’t hit back instantly. Take as much time as he or she did to respond. This gives you ample time to think about what to say too!
  5. Before you send anything, read it again and make sure you are projecting casual. At all costs, avoid embarrassing messages! This might be arbitrary but do try your best.
  6. Never give a boring response. If your crush asks you a question that you know will elicit it, do not reply.
  7. Don’t answer all their questions if they ask more than one in a text message.
  8. If you are texting a girl, forget smiley faces. Don’t use them – ever.
  9. Don’t send two messages back to back without a response for at least 48 hours.
  10. Never ask for a date on the first text. That is called suicide.

Photo taken from here and here.


52 thoughts on “What And How To Text Your Crush, Seriously

  1. hehehe…ayos sa rules…hmmm…excited pa naman ako magreply agad kapag nagtext/reply si crush…dapat pala i-delay ng onti…i-save muna sa draft hahaha 😉

      • Ahaha! Hindi ko alam kung expert tips ba yung naisip ko pero feeling ko effective naman 😀

        WAG KANG MASYADONG MAG GM (group message) – lalo na kung sunud sunod, nagmumukha ksing masyado papansin.

        WAG NA WAG KANG MAGKUKUNWARING WRONG SEND – kasi gasgas na yan 😀 okay lang kung once, pero kung lagi, aba. mag-isip ka na ng ibang style.


  2. You do realize that that first image was made for me, right? 😆

    I still don’t have his number so we only talk over IM in the office. I am guilty of number 4 though. But he knows I am as busy as he is so I guess it’s okay. Please let it be okay. Please let us get married and have children.

    • have i mentioned, i love talking about the weather? but i did not see it like this. it makes sense now though how things play out for me 😀

  3. “you are having a mental relationship with a celebrity who doesn’t even know you exist” — GUILTY…so many times in the past! haha!

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