Three Ways To Peel A Cat: A Meme Part 1

My blog friend Miko is awesome – she tagged me with this meme just in time for a new personal post. Brilliant, right? I decided to split the meme into two though for it is quite substantial. If you want to waste your time today here, then this is part of who I am threefold. 🙂

1. Three names you go by: PM is a combination of two names my colleagues at the uni publication gave me: Prinsesa, because they teased me for being one for some reason, and Musang because I was quite… difficult. I’d try to tell you about that part of my life some other time. When I got a blog, I put the two together and it became PM, ta-dah!

2. Three facts about yourself: My birthday falls on the third of the month; I have two faint birthmarks I only noticed recently; and I went out drinking with friends just once in college – that’s it.

3. Three things that happened today: Darn, it’s hard to keep this interesting if I am largely boring. Uhm… I worked, read a few pages, tried to eat… nothing much really.

4. Three favorite songs right now: The Scientist by Coldplay; Out of Goodbyes by Maroon 5; Huling Sayaw by Kamikazee. I’m not the biggest fan of music so I hardly keep up.

5. Three breakfast foods you enjoy: It’s interesting because in the past I did not eat breakfast entirely, but now I try, to boost my metabolism. I go for canned tuna, chicken nuggets, and tea or coffee. I don’t like eggs in the morning. On weekends, we usually have a big breakfast at home though: fried rice, fried dried fish, steamed shrimp, fruits – the works really.

6. Three things on your current to-do list: Sleep earlier, drink more water, don’t overcharge phone. The last one is a pet peeve of My Man actually. 🙄

7. Three colors you like: White, Gray, Yellow.

8. Three words you think others would use to describe you: My friend says I could be bipolar but I’m already Asperger’s so he isn’t sure. Weird maybe? Though I hope it is quirky weird and not psycho weird, you know? But I can’t tell, really; and lastly, one lucky deranged cat comes to mind.

9. Three objects you can’t be without: Laptop, internet, and oxygen 😉

10. Three ways to win your heart: Remember this: Competence. Is. Sexy. And don’t steal my line. I’d have it copyrighted.

11. Three favorite movies: Hmm… Inception is one awesome mind blowing movie, though it is kind of long so even when I enjoyed it, I only watched it once. Kung Fu Panda is my comfort movie, I watched it several times, each time when I feel there is a crisis, fykwim. The first one is cooler than the sequel. I hear there is third one? What else do I like? Well, I liked The Avengers – mmm… Chris Hemsworth :mrgreen:

12. Three appetizers you enjoy:  Anything with potatoes. I can live on soups too. I like the corn soup with quail eggs from a Chinese restaurant in the city.

13. Three places you’ve lived: I only moved twice, both in the Central Luzon area: Bulacan and Bataan. Something tells me I’d be moving to the MM area in the future. I’m not certain where but it has something to do with BGC.

14. Three important people in your life: Sorry for the boring answer but fam, boyfriend, and friends.

15. Three things you want to say to three different people: “You’re crazy, crazy. You need help.”; “Cheerrriiiooo!”; and “Such an amazing person, you are.”

Blog meme part 2 tomorrow and Happy Birthday to Don Domeng today! 😀

Photos taken from here and here.

39 thoughts on “Three Ways To Peel A Cat: A Meme Part 1

  1. Wow, men and their gadgets. That reminds me of my brother. He’s more maingat than I am when it comes to using and caring for gadgets. It drives me crazy sometimes O_O You’re coming to Manila! Whoooopie 🙂 can’t wait for it.

    • yes, boys can be too techie. it helps sometimes because i’m technically retarded but other times it can be quite annoying too. i do have a lot of blog friends to see once that happens, interesting. 🙂

  2. You know, I’ve been asking myself how long I could last without my laptop and the enturnetz but I have no courage to try and find out. I basically live on the internet that if I go without it for more than a day, I think I will rot and kill myself.

    • great answers daphne! i’m also libra and i love your choice of appetizers. i have yet to eat a mind blowing clam chowder though. any suggestions? my internet is shaky right now and the blogger comments page is not showing so i thought i’d just say it here!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DON DOMENG!! 🙂 if my memory serves me right, he’s your dad… right? 🙂

    btw, im looking forward to see you if you’re going to move here in manila.. :3 dang!

    and march ka rin?!!! hope you’re an arian.. 😛

  4. Parang gusto ko rin tuloy gumaya sa personal post meme nyo ni Mico. =) Talaga March ka rin? I also like Coldplay and lately the Snow Patrol! =) Hope to see around soon in MM.

    By the way the best ang line mo,

    Competence is Sexy! – by PM!

    yan kasi you copyrighted it! =)

  5. Yaaaay! Thank you for graciously answering my meme. #4 song reminded of 50 shades hehehe but yeah, that’s one of my favorite ‘senti’ song 🙂 #6, I like the rolling eyeswhen you mentioned your man as your pet peeve. na-curious tuloy ako kung bakit hahaha #10, wow competence is damn right sexy. I will quote you on that PM. Oh you’re moving to Manila? When? Why? 🙂

    • TM ko na yang line na yan. 😀 the scientist? yes, naenjoy ko nga yung kanta because of the book. my man is techie so he knows how to take care of gadgets and stuff. he hates it when i go crazy and doesn’t do what i’m told (as if he has a chance :lol:) in the future i’m moving, i can tell, and when that time comes, we shall go out for dinner or something!

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