The Moment Of Silence

Place: Dinner table, last night.

Weather: Raining like lions and wolves.

Sounds: Clattering of spoons and forks; family banter.


Mother Goose: Pakitingnan mo nga si Stroke, patay na yata [Can you look at Stroke, I think he’s dead].

Everyone stills.

Don Domeng: Matagal nang matamlay yan, natuluyan na ba [He’s been weary for quite some time, did he finally die]?

Ched: Bakit, nasaan ba [Why, where is the cat]?

Parents point to my back, at the cat hang out, lowest shelf.

PM turn’s around.

PM: Nako… [Groan…]

Face palm, seeing Stroke not moving… His body stretched in an awkward still, head bent to a freakish angle…

Everybody in a moment of silence… Given parents keep pets like rounding animals for Noah’s ark, it it still awful to lose anyone of them, regardless of how annoying they can become sometimes.

Nan steps in, moves in to take the cadaver of Stroke away… Pokes the cat to check, though death very obvious…

Stroke opens eyes, giving everyone the WTF look after disturbing his sleep. 

PM: Somebody stop me or that cat will be so sorry for being alive!!!

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