Resilience: What To Do In A State Of Calamity

My sister was complaining about me posting German on her Timeline:


At first, she totally missed it but when she read it slowly, she guffawed like there is no tomorrow… 😀

Oh God, when your place is declared in a state of calamity, a good laugh can surely make the world a better place. Don’t you think so too?

Pleas tell me all of you are in one piece and were not harmed by the non storm that is owning the country right now. Anybody flooded? Stranded? Or did you just have fun when classes and work got cancelled? Stay safe everybody!

I’ve said this over and over, I love rain – but three weeks non stop maniacal rain is another story. Somebody get the sun out of its strike or we’d all be forced to grow gills anytime soon!

PS. Speaking of Timeline, Prinsesa’s Anatomy is on Facebook. See ya!

28 thoughts on “Resilience: What To Do In A State Of Calamity

    • still doing okay, sheng. hopefully the heavy rains let up soon. don domeng’s fields have been totally wrecked though. he has to start over.

    • i’m glad the weather is all better where you are. the weather disturbance the past days is more annoying because it does not even give us the decency to name it for the havoc that it has bitch slapped on all of us here.

  1. I am like oohhmaayygaahd the rain! I’m safe and dry naman right now unlike a few hour ago. I accidentally slipped at the gate of my boss’s house while making calls and sending text messages. (I am blaming this to bad signal, boo!) But I am stranded at my boss’s house and can’t go home. I miss my bed 😦

    • you are still stranded up to now? stay safe! i’m also having a hard time with the network here. hopefully it all clears out. i hope the slip did not hurt you too much too.

    • thank you, nelle. for my part i’ve been pretty alright but there are many others here that have been bulldozed by the heavy rains. many are still submerged in floods actually.

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