The Active Drugs In Communication Technology

“Remember the time you sprained your ankle in volleyball back senior year?

“How can I forget?”

“That I was the one who attended to you?”

“That my ankle split in two, almost.”

“You weren’t speaking to me then.”

“Well you snapped at me like it’s my fault you lost the championship… Men and basketball, honestly. :roll:”

“But you still allowed me to walk you to the parking lot. I would’ve carried you, if you allowed me to.”

“Oh my Lord, I’d rather break my ankle every other day than have you carry me around and start a revolution.”

“Oh don’t patronize me, lady… Yeah, well, I never had a chance with you anyway.

“Excuse me?”

“So I did have a chance?”

“Going to bed now. 🙂 Good night, James.”

“Stop it. It’s still early.”

…Cellphone rings triumphantly after seven minutes following no response.

Photo taken from here.

29 thoughts on “The Active Drugs In Communication Technology

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    • okay naman hoshi, salamat. nabaha yung maraming areas pero hindi naman ako kasali. i hope you weren’t affected badly by the recent weather disturbances too.

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