Fictional Characters: Meet And Greet The Most Memorable Bunch

Reading is a fantastic past time. It’s the opposite of rotting, bleakness, and lack. With books there is always something new to learn or rediscover. It’s like eating a really good meal and relishing the delicious taste and the whole experience afterwards.

You live numerous lives and see blinding worlds; feel the strike of thunder, the ruckus of a fast beating heart, and have fear and dread wrap around you like a long lost friend. Books are simply incredible and to the lucky few who allow themselves to indulge and get lost within the pages of a good book, there is nothing like the big treat that reading is!

This year has been a year of good reading for me – not always good books, but always good reading. In the past, I’ve been reveling in books but probably not as much as recently where books take front and center and is a regular thing (have to thank my Babe for that :wink:). In this post, I’d like to share a few of my favorite fictional characters from literature that I truly enjoyed and breathed life into.

I think this is one of the most magical things about good books – after reading you ache to have one fictional character for real to have and hold… But it doesn’t matter really, because sometimes even though the characters are just in your head, they are as alive as anyone can be. These are a few of my favorites. Who are yours?

  • Dumbledore, Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling – Dumbledore is the epitome of wisdom, leadership, and strength. What strikes me most is that he is so soft but so powerful. I wish I can be as smart as him when I grow old – plus he’s a very good teacher too!
  • Bellatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling – How much did you hate Bellatrix when she killed Sirius Black? Oh my, I love Bellatrix because her character is so whimsical, dark, and mysterious. She is loyal, brave, and rough. She might be a maniacal killer but that doesn’t stop me from marveling at her strengths.
  • Christian Grey, Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L. James – For the record, I don’t like, like the Fifty Shades Trilogy but I do am captivated by the intricacies of Christian Grey’s character – not because he is every woman’s dreamboat minus the Red Room of Pain part, but because for someone so beautiful he is so tormented and you can almost taste the soul writhing agony.
  • Mama Elena, Like Water for Chocolate, L. Esquivel – I’m not particularly keen on magical realism but Mama Elena, the headstrong matriarch on Like Water for Chocolate, is just fascinating. A very strong woman with a fanatical sense of tradition, the woman is out of this world. Even in her death she antagonizes others in defense of what she believes in. I thank the Lord she won’t be my mother-in-law.
  • Noah Calhoun, The Notebook, N. Sparks – When I wrote my book review for The Notebook, I installed Noah into my fictional character choice list. This is what I wrote about his character:Β I loved the way Sparks vividly described him, pocketbook like almost. Noah was agile but sensitive, smart but tender, looking forward but rooted. Even if he recited poetry, he felt real.Β I swear it’s not just because of Ryan Gosling. :mrgreen:
  • Fox Harris, Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned, K. Friedman – Imagine Dumbledore doing drugs and out comes Fox Harris: smart, vibrant, blowzy, and spirited. Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned gets a lot of its wit, charm, and character from Fox and his brand of insanity is exactly the kind that will push you to question sanity. I love Fox – I wish I can have a friend like him, even if that means having to bust someone out of a mental hospital!

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73 thoughts on “Fictional Characters: Meet And Greet The Most Memorable Bunch

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  2. ako fan ako ni J.K kasi nakakabilib talaga yung imagination nya saka detalye. yung tipong maniniwala ka na lang at hindi ka maghahanap ng butas. unlike sa ibang fiction stories.

    napaisip daw ako kung sino gusto ko sa harry potter. pero so far at all time, gusto ko si Josephine March ng Little Women. tas kasunod na nood si Lizzie Bennet ng Pride Prejudice.

  3. I would agree about Christian Grey. I mean who in their proper state of mind will turn their back to someone oh-so-heavenly-delicious? the trilogy was a drag, especially the sex part but I liked how James was able to make Christian’s character come alive and makes you like him so much, even his Red Room of Pain. (I hope I didn’t sound like a perver with this statement) Spark’s The Notebook made me cry. I like the book better kasi mas na-feel ko yung emotions ng character ni Noah and Allie, which made me cry ng sobra-sobra. For the Harry Potter books, I like the character of Luna Lovegood. She reminds me somehow of myself, her weirdness and all. Well for my personal choice, I like Lisbeth Salander (The Millenium Series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc), and Maria of Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.

    Gahd, medyo na-weirdohan ako sa mga choices ako. wenkwenkwenkwenk.

    • those who cringe at bdsm, i think will not appreciate grey so much :mrgreen: have you seen my review of the notebook? please don’t kill me. πŸ˜† i also like luna, but there are so many remarkable characters in the HP series! i love that she is her own person though, despite of what others say about her. idk lisbeth but i think lj mentioned her too. i’m not a fan of coelho too so idk maria also. why do you find your choices weird?

      • i just my choices a little… dysfunctional of some sort? I’m just really surprised with it, it’s like a revelation. I never really thought or see fictional characters in a more deeper way before (back in college). I also feel that these characters, that’s why I choose them is because I could see myself in them… which I rarely acknowledge.

        ulk, so much for my discretion about myself O_O

        • kg thought my picks were kind of weird too but i guess that’s alright. if you are like luna then i’m correct – you really are cool! πŸ˜€

  4. ang hirap naman nito! haha!

    i also love dumbledore…ang lines nya, bigatin! actually, i am planning to make a compilation of my favorite lines by dumbledore.

    you like mama elena and bellatrix? weird ka! haha!

  5. Haha! Ang hirap magsabi based on my most recent reads. Kasi napag-tripan kong balikan ang dalawa kong books on mythology, yung Bulfinch’s at yung Edith Hamilton’s. Dami-daming characters dun hehehe

    *kawak-kaway* sa ‘yo πŸ™‚

  6. You know what I really find it hard to think of someone. I want to say Hannah but I guess its freaky rising someone from the dead, haha. So I guess I will just settle for Harry Potter (enuf said), then the Book version of Edward Cullen, then Lisbeth (from the Millenium Series), and lastly, hmm… The Tourist from The Devil and Ms. Prym, oh, I need to write about it pala.

    • the devil and ms. prym? that sounds interesting… idk the millenium series. but i adore the harry potter series too, obvious naman diba? hindi ko din nabasa yung twilight, pati movies hindi rin, ay napanood ko pala yung isa yung medyo focused sa wolves.

    • LJ! I would agree with you in regards to Lisbeth Salander. Her character turned my world upside down after reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She was just, just, woah! Have you seen the movie version, the original swedish one? You should try to watch it. I’ve read twilight back in college, and I kind of ended up ‘fantasizing’ about Edward too. He’s too good to be true eh… Parang Christian Grey lang πŸ˜€

      • so that’s lisbeth. i hope i can read the girl with the dragon tatto, but i just can’t because it’s centered on a crime right? i don’t take that well. also, i’m happy i didn’t read twilight πŸ˜€ though some bloggers likened fifty shades to twilight, like its perverted cousin of some sort.

        • from what I’ve read online before, Fifty Shades is like a novel inspired by twilight, fan-picked or something related to that. Christian’s character was like ‘patterned’ to Edward, sans the being the vampire so that there will be a more realistic touch to it. And yes, the novel is a mystery-crime, a little gruesome and disturbing in some way, but it was very well written naman. Her dysfunctional-yet-smart-and-kick ass character is strongly depicted but it makes the plot and the novel itself bearable when you read it πŸ™‚

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