PM’s Fork: Dennis, The Grill Boy

You know I’m a sucker for home cooked meals and what could be better than making it fast food? Such is the delicious offering of Dennis The Grill Boy and with unlimited rice to boot, it is a must to visit particularly for the hungry amongst us.

The Look: Dennis Th Grill Boy has a cartoony interior, red and white, and just thinking about the place actually makes my tummy grumble. It’s fast food with the cozy home cooked stamp that Moms will approve. It is located in SM Pampanga, near Pizza Hut and KFC, and on crunch time, it can be quite difficult to score a table!

The Food: A whole array of Filipino favorites pack their menu. I particularly love their deep fried boneless chicken (thought it could use more salt) and grilled liempo with that creamy sauce that hits the spot all the time. I think these two I order time and again!

Other meals that cure the munchies include lechon kawali and sisig. Their sisg is quite interesting because it reminds me of chicharon and egg. But last weekend, I was so hungry I ended up eating a lot of it from My Man’s plat! Try their crispy pork and mango salad on the side too that Chicken Pi adores. I always remind her it has bagoong and she shrugs it off, saying she would just take antihistamines later.


Mother Goose enjoys their own version of Pinakbet too for those looking for something that resembles plant life. I don’t think they serve a lot of desserts, but I do know they have leche flan. I have not tasted it though because I’m quite biased with my own recipe.

The Edge: While the food served by Dennis The Grill Boy does not come close to a knock out, it is pretty decent for fast food dining and for their very cheap price, the meals will please anyone looking for home cooked food in the middle of a sprawling mall.

23 thoughts on “PM’s Fork: Dennis, The Grill Boy

    • it’s not sisig as i know it really kaya hindi ako masyadong fan. pero subukan mo para ikaw naman ang magbigay ng verdict, hoshi. 🙂

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