Congratulations, Half-Broken Dreams, And Achievements To Go

Remember the time I worked as a clinical instructor? Well it was not a grand time but it did give me the opportunity to get published on Inquirer’s Youngblood.

Anyway, that was two years ago and the sophomores I taught already graduated last March and hurdled the Nursing Licensure Examination a couple of months back. I just wanted to congratulate those students of mine who passed in this post. Great job, guys! See, I told you not doing things half-assed works. 😉

You know, news like this truly give me hope. I know the chances of getting a job as a registered nurse are as slim as horse hair but knowing that you have it in you to pass the board exam is a big achievement. I mean, I like achievements and lately I’ve been obsessing endless to get my own new one.

But the key here is to try and try with everything you have got. Don Domeng always told me going for it is half the achievement.  I think he is right.

PS. My fingers are black as I write this. I fixed the printer last night and I still have a good bit of ink on my hands. I pretend my fingers are necrotizing because of all the writing I do. 😆

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26 thoughts on “Congratulations, Half-Broken Dreams, And Achievements To Go

  1. i can only imagine the euphoria you felt seeing your students passed through their toughest exams. 🙂
    i guess that something every teacher should be so proud of!

  2. .. one of the happiest moment in my life was seeing my name in the list of board passers where most of my schoolmates thought i flunked: kasi hiwalay ang “de” and “la” ng surname ko.. they all looked at “dela” so they called me up saying “rob, sorry but your’e not on the list”! 😀

  3. Congratumalations sa mga students mong pumasa!! Dati ko ring problema ang tinta sa kamay, pero salamat sa bottomless ink, malinis at makinis na ang aking mga kamay… *parang perla commercial*… So kailangan pala pursigido ka sa isang bagay para talagang ma achieve mo… Magawa nga yan..

  4. alam ko yung pakiramdam na ang messy ng kamay mo dahil sa kaayos ng inkjet/cartridge ng printer… saken leasted 3 days minimum 😆

    songrats sa mga students mo 🙂

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