L.I.T.E.R.A.L #3: Peep Into The Litter Box Of My Soul, Won’t You?

QUESTION: Who’s part of your support group? Who knows you’re a writer, and has read what you wrote? How much does their opinion matter, and do you write things specifically for them?

ANSWER: Putting aside what I did in my competitive campus journalist days and focusing on the real deal, such as non writing of novels and stuff, my beta readers give me the support and motivation that I need. They must – I get so wired up most days I am the one exactly blocking my own way. I love their encouragement, you know? It does not mean that makes me a better writer or that fixes the kind of crap I write, they are not good for much critiquing, after all they love me so their praises does not technically count, but they get me going.

My Man reads my work, my sister does too, and my friend Eko has read the first bit and he also happens to be an amazing graphic designer and has btw, been conceptualizing the cover of my book since the Jurassic era – well if the novel gets out there that is. I cannot thank L.I.T.E.R.A.L enough too, because they answer all of my annoying questions about novel writing and publishing. I tell you, most days I even annoy myself with all the questions I have. You got to wonder what it is I know with everything I don’t know. 🙄 But yes, these people have all been great.

I wish my mentor could be a part of my beta group too, but I’m too chicken to let her see my work. 😯 The Ferkel is also cool, not just because she loves cats, but because she is game to waste her time to read my work. But honestly, she scares the heck out of me too. I’m always nervous with these kinds of things. I really am, it’s almost neurotic.  I did not take myself as a coward but this thing just scares the hell out of me, obviously.

When it comes to their opinions having weight, I love critiquing as much as praises. It helps you grow, doesn’t it? The best ones are those that come with ways how to improve your work. As much as I hate letting others see my work, I also know it is the only way to add more sense to it. It is somehow exciting, come to think of it. Many brains is always better than half a brain, right?

This thing I am working on right now, it actually started as something that I wanted to make for My Man. He does not like to read so I figured if I wrote something then he will be forced to read it 😆 Now I am trying to finish my work so I can fail with finality, just as I want it… or I can also get published, that’s a possibility too.  I can dream, can’t I?


Photo taken from here and here.

20 thoughts on “L.I.T.E.R.A.L #3: Peep Into The Litter Box Of My Soul, Won’t You?

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  2. First photo made me L the hell O-L. 😛

    I used to dream about writing a book, pero after a while when I realized that I never write anything good that is not about myself I decided to give up on it. XD When you get published, pa autograph din. Or pa paw print, whichever you prefer. 😀

    • i think there are books that are mostly about the author so you can still give it a shot. hayaan mo i will find a way para matupad ang plans natin sa autograph na yan.

  3. kapag na publish, bibili ako ng book mo tapos autograph ha (at picture na rin)… saka pwedeng yung dedication ay one page long.. para unique.. para kapag pinakita ko sa mga anak ko, pwede kong sabihing “mga kids, friend ko yan.. tignan ninyo ang haba ng dedication o!” o ha!

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