Where Is Dislike Button On Facebook?

A lot of the things I like now are stuff I never imagined I would happen to like. I never thought I’d like the music of Norah Jones or that of Kamikazee. I never thought I’d like to read heavy novels, which give you the feeling that the sky is caving in, as much as I like those that are so profound but lighthearted they could pretty much fly me away. Β I never imagined I’d run for the gym and I’d honestly spend more time there if only I could. I happened to like dirt bikes too.

A lot of the things I dislike now are stuff I never imagined I would happen to dislike. I am not keen on crowds, or small talk, or road trips. Don’t expect me to be the first to line up for a movie or to line up for anything for that matter. I’d rather die than watch soap operas – I’m willing to eat soap too. I always thought I’d like swimming, but no, I don’t.

Hell yes, people change.

PS. I’ve been trying to add a new post for all eternity but WP won’t load photos from my iPhone, great job there.

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48 thoughts on “Where Is Dislike Button On Facebook?

  1. Hmm… Who would have thought, right? Reality has a crazy way of teaching us things. I think I will do my own version of this in the near future. I am still busy finishing the online videos of Naruto, lol.

    Still you are always awesome. πŸ˜€

  2. people change – definitely.

    but like you i would never line up for a movie or a new gadget. although i was kicking myself one time when I saw a long line that wrapped around a whole block and found that Prez Clinton was inside the bookstore signing his book. I would have lined up for that…..

  3. .. we know in ourselves what changed in us and sometimes it can even be a surprise. there was a time in my life that i was so afraid to do something for i was thinking i’ll rot in hell – and now i just laugh about it! πŸ˜€

  4. That’s the great thing about life – we are constantly changing our likes and dislikes. If we didn’t, we all be running around sucking baby bottles. (Maybe I should rethink that one. Nah, I’ll let it stand.)

  5. Ako ngayon in-allery bigla sa chicken. musta naman!

    pero oo nga may pagbabagong nagaganap na hindi mo sukat akalain. (parang tinagalog ko lang hehehe)

    Mabuhay! (di na mapupunta sa spam ang comment ko…happiness)

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