Bared To You Book Review: Gideon Cross vs. Christian Grey, Who Wins?

Book number 32: Bared to You by S. Day. This one I read for I was curious how it compares to Fifty Shades of Grey, and really compare is not even the word; it’s like the entire book is based on it! πŸ™„

What it is: It starts as a “no strings, no expectations, no responsibilities” kind of thing between Gideon Cross and Eva Tramel but of course we all know where that leads to right? Yes, animal sex. πŸ˜† Both becomes obsessed with the other, Β taking instant possession. The catch is they are both victims of childhood abuse, which makes relationships, trust, and openness difficult – bared to you, remember?

What I liked about it: While Gideon Cross is an obvious spin of the fucked up Mr. Grey, I find that women, though not me, would still buy his character: hot, sexy, primal, not to mention mega successful and wealthy that comes with his own issues. Eva, on the other hand, is smart, sweet, and hyper aware of who she is, including her limitations. Both characters in Bared to You are twisted but I can’t say they are solid. They are okay, but not strikingly palpable.

The one character that I happen to really like is Cary, Eva’s bicurious, up and coming model flatmate and best friend whom she met at group therapy (Ikr, it seems that everyone in the book is either abused or crazy). What is nice about Cary is that his actions can be justified and I believed him.

The setting, Manhattan, is also great because the Bared to You is a power struggle of some sort. The characters are looking for control yet they do not want to be controlled by others. It’s quite suffocating actually but I get it. If you want control then naturally you want the upper hand but since both of them want it then there lies their problem of power sharing, which is also not resolved since Bared to You has a sequel, no surprise there.

What I did not like about it: The ultimate problem any book can ever have is unfortunately my biggest problem with Bared to You – it is not believable and I blame the narration for it. The transitions, or the serious lack thereof, simply runs hot then cold without anything as much as a thought to follow from start to finish thatΒ I was left not too hot and not too cold but simply confused.

The dynamics of the relationship between Gideon and Eva did not make any sense to me and I found it superficial, the progression without basis. Bared to You proved to be one emotional roller coaster ride that had me puking at the end. It was a chase that did not hit home. I really don’t know what happened but I’m just not sold. A lot of people liked this book and I wanted to like it but I’m just confused. Maybe I should reread it but idk if I can. 😐

There is also the big issue that somehow, the two main characters felt like a split of Christian Grey – yes, even Eva in all her jealousy, self-loathing, and sex madness, which left her and Gideon unable to standout as in really standout. The references to Fifty Shades trilogy is also heavy and very obvious: the fucked upness, the Β BDSM stuff, the brunettes thing – even the silver tie, for heaven’s sake!

Recommended for:Β Fans of erotic romance would like the sex scenes in Bared to You. I actually think it is better than Fifty Shades, I can give it that much. I mean,Β exhibitionism? Crazy. :mrgreen:

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  2. So maybe Im really new to this but when people are saying “can you send it to me?” What are you sending them? I would love to read this book and would love to have it “sent” if possible but like I said Im kinda confused! LOL πŸ™‚

  3. I have read the 50 trilogy 3 times already learning more each time about the characters. I am very interested in the books by Sylvia Day. Can you send me an e-copy as well so I can compare the two? Thank you!

  4. I loved the 50 shades books. I’m interested to see if this book really is better. Thank you for your review! I leave tomorrow and have a 12 hr. flight if you could email it to me, I might be able to finish it on the plane πŸ™‚ Thank you in advance

  5. I read all three of Fifty Shades in four days, I bought Bared to You on Wednesday 11/21/12 and was done with it on 11/23/12 and thats only because 11/22/12 was Turkey day :>) anyways, I wish Bared to You came out with all the books at once so I don’t have to wait to read it.

    • reading marathon! book two is already out i was able to get a copy before i went on vacation but i have not started on it yet.

  6. ooh i loved the review. i was expecting the opposite though. sabi kasi dun sa nabasa kong link, authors praised S.Day for her writing unlike E.L.James. so feeling ko tuloy ngayon. kahit na gaano kagaling talaga ang author pag rip off naman yung novel. pangit din. sana lang talaga di sya kasing repetitive ng fifty shades. can you please send me a copy of bared to you? thanks!!! wala pa tong sequel right? i was hesitant to check your blog, thought it wasn’t good but it’s GREAT :)good job. so ayun.dito na koo dead :)magchecheck ng good book to read πŸ™‚

    • sorry for some typo mistakes on the latter part of the comment. my phone’s acting up eh. πŸ™‚ i know you got what i meant naman

    • thanks, there are sequels already. i have a copy of number two but i have not started on it yet since i have yet to recover from my last trip. sure, i’ll send you, np.

  7. Wow,your review was quite interesting:)
    i never read about fiftyshades trilogy and im starting to read the crossfire trilogy,so with your review,i got infos of this and thats of each you have ebooks for fiftyshades trilogy? If you do have,please and kindly.. here’s my email thankyou!

    • i hope it helps. sure thing. is your crossfire trilogy in ebook format? can i exchange the fifty shades trilogy with the next crossfire reads from you? let me know. thanks! πŸ™‚

  8. I just finished the Fifty Shades Trilogy and would love to check this out!! Could you send it to me?! Thanks!!

  9. Hi! I liked the way that you laid out your review of the story. i agree with a lot of what you’re saying about what’s believable and what’s not. i look forward to checking out any recommendations that you make on new books to pick up. thanks!

    • thanks! πŸ™‚ in the beginning, i was expecting some similarities between the two but i think i got a headache when i finally read bared to you. i was like, c’mon!

  10. Hi!
    ive just read Fifty Shades and enjoyed it. Would like to compare both, please could u send me an ecopy? thanks

    • thanks, i love reading. i honestly don’t think a lot of people enjoy reading reviews but i still write them anyway. πŸ˜†

  11. Looks like I’ve missed out on A LOT of things here. I miss you dear PM, sorry for the long hiatus. I also owe you an email! πŸ™‚ Will zap you one soon πŸ™‚

    PS. As far as I know, we’ve already shared Christian Grey here. Looks like someone wants to share with us. WHY!? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    • hi ya, great to see you have returned from the land of the dead! πŸ™‚ idk what lj is thinking – it will not work out. πŸ˜† do you want to read bared to you to meet gideon cross? i can send you an ebook.

      • Well yes, I’m back. But I’m still not that free— yet. I’m still very much on my feet right now not to mention sick and all. Hopefully I can really stop and have a chance to chat more with you πŸ™‚

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