Looking For Some Sense Plus Yummy Liebster Blog Questions

In the grand tradition of my aging memory, I forgot to answer the questions that Micah provided with the Liebster blog award she gave me. I also forgot to write a list of questions that I wanted to ask the blog friends I nominated. Great, right? Maybe I need to get some medication for the old neurons…

Anyway, thanks to Leeyo, I’m putting it up now and to the ones I tagged (LJ, MFP, GB, 25PCN, Zezil, Leeyo, Yanaamari, Elaine, DW, Kessica, and Engr.Pot), enjoy.


1. Do you have any hidden special talents that your friends and/or family are not aware of? If so, what are these? I honestly want to tell you I can sing or play the guitar secretly but I don’t. I don’t do much; I’m pretty worthless. πŸ˜†

2. What’s your favorite comfort food? Why? Siomai! Idk why, I just like them.

3. What inspiring quote do you live by? If you fall, take the fall. You got to let yourself have it.

4. What do you love most about your job? The fact that I can do whatever I want, when I want, how I want. πŸ˜‰

5. What was the last movie you watched that made you cry? I’m not a cryer particularly when it comes to movies. I don’t even have the patience to endure movies that much. What I have though is the ability to endure movies if only it means ogling Chris Hemsworth throughout. :mrgreen:

6. Do you want a big family or a small one?Β For now, I just want cats.

7. Who is/was your biggest crush? Right now, I’m totally having a mental relationship with Chris Hemsworth. I also happened to like Michael Phelps and George St. Pierre. I think I have a certain type – don’t you agree? :mrgreen:

8. What was the worst punishment you have received from your parents? Corporal punishment was imposed in our household growing up.

9. Who is your favorite celebrity/movie star? Chris Hemsworth, right now – and it’s not because of the acting.

10. If you had enough money, what business would you want to start ? Bookstore!

11. Would you rather be rich or famous? I’d rather be rich and famous! Seriously, I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to attract attention, honestly, even if I’m just me.


Just pick one and explain. πŸ™‚ And no, you can’t say you like both.

1. Spaghetti or Carbonara?

2.Β iPad or Laptop?

3. Math or English?

4. Reading or Writing?

5. TV or Video Games?

6. Sports or Music?

7. Cat or Dog?

8. USA or UK?

9. Shoes or Slippers?

10. Apple or Orange?

11. CookiesΒ or Brownies?

Photos taken from here, here, and here.

22 thoughts on “Looking For Some Sense Plus Yummy Liebster Blog Questions

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  2. Hahaha! Ako din the first time I posted about this award walang questions akong binigay para sa mga ti-nag ko. Ugh. Sign of aging nga yata ito. Ooooh you like Chris Hemsworth. I had a good laugh at your disclaimer for your #9 answer. Well some people are just best being ogled for their good looks alone. And with that rockin body, I can’t really fault you for having a mental relationship with him. Lol

  3. lols… I also notice this one, I was like, asan ang mga questions. Well, dear friend, I will try my best to answer this meme right away. πŸ˜€

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