A Very Different Place: Batshit Scared

It was dark and cold. I was unsuspecting, secure in my own litter world. Then I heard it. Fast, scurrying feet to my right, causing me to bolt upright. My heart raced, my breathing quiet and deep. WTF. I tried to see in the darkness what it was – where it was – but it was futile.

My back hit the bed once more, a growing restlessness inside my chest. How can I sleep knowing something was out there? I heard it. I know I did. A few seconds past and there it was again! Fuck. I finally saw it. I’m so scared.

So many questions filled my head: what do I do? Should I scream? But who would hear me? What if IT hears me? Shit. Shit. Shit. It stopped moving. OMG, this would end poorly. I fidgeted and it heard me, falling back, giving me space. Fight or flight? FLIGHT!

But what was the best way to do it? I had to be slow and move methodically, disturbing everything around me minimally. I stood up on the bed and gently reached for the air-conditioner, turning it off. I had to get out fast. If my heart could beat any harder, it would get sprained. WTH.

There was stillness inside the room, an eerie stillness that told you something horrible was going to happen. For the love of God, I had to run. It was now or never. I knew what awaited outside the door would be more darkness but it had to do. I scooped my slippers and ran – ran as fast as my feet could take me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Was I able to lock the door? Yes, I did, trapping the culprit inside.

I was free. Fuck you, giant rat larger than my cats and the size of a fat puppy. I will find you next time and I will kill you. No, I will let Nan find you and kill you. Now where the hell do I sleep?

21 thoughts on “A Very Different Place: Batshit Scared

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  2. .. naalala ko yung mga dagang-kanal dun sa tinitirhan namin dati sa pasig na malapit sa marikina river. lumalabas sila pag bumabaha! analalaki ng tenga tapos yung tail silvery then nakakakalbo na yung iba sa kanila. nakakadire! 😀

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