Back From The Dead – Risen After Four Days, Not Three, So Yeah, I’m Not God

Did anybody miss me? Sometimes I have this complete illusion of grandeur that people out there will go looking for me the momet they visit this litter box and there is no update for continuous days. I hate to disappoint, but no, I’ve not been bitten by Mr. Giant Rat Larger Than My Cats And The Size of A  Fat Puppy because he is dead via drowning. Score. And I’m also not quitting on my blog because of non writing novel depression. I got sick for the past days I’ve been gone, as in real sick. It has been long since I’ve been awfully, awfully sick so I admit to indulging a bit. But I’m convalescing now, and blogging at that, so I guess I’m fine.

It started with a sore throat. Damn, any story that starts that way can’t be any good. It was Wednesday and I felt I swallowed a porcupine. Maybe I did, I was not looking at the spaghetti. Anyway, my Aunt immediately made me a yummy ginger tea when I told her and it was soothing… only I had no voice at all the next day. I want to tell you it sucked but it did not. Apparently, the world can go on beautifully without having to hear my voice. The only person bothered by my speaking absentia was My Man. I couldn’t answer the phone and I couldn’t text, not because I’m sick but because I’m lazy, so it was a bummer for him. I had fever the next days until yesterday but I got my voice back, and as I said, I’m fine now, sort of.

So what happened to you while I was ill? I hope you are all doing better. By the way, while I was sick I finished reading two books, so yes, you can expect two boring book reviews in the coming days. I don’t know if I want to write it already because I feel my muscles lazier than usual but I will eventually write about them. My greeting card from Korea also bloomed! It was hard to believe when the plant came out but now it has a flower – wicked! The fact that it bloomed while I was sick was perfect timing too.

That’s all I have to say everyone. I hope you are all in better spirits. Check you out later! 🙂

Also the cat in the photo (from here) does not look like me.

17 thoughts on “Back From The Dead – Risen After Four Days, Not Three, So Yeah, I’m Not God

  1. mabuti naman at magaling ka na… at kawawa naman ang lalake sa buhay mo dahil “tinamad” ka.. hihihi.. pero naiintindihan ka naman siguro niya.. bibihira ka naman ata tamarin eh…

    • when i wrote this i thought magaling na ako tapos the day after nagpunta ako sa doctor dun ko nalaman yung asthma. nakakatawa nga eh. bukas babalik ako ulit sana ayos na!

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  3. uy uso din dito sore throat and cold. a friend has it and we were at a planning session with him all weekend. i think he may have passed it to the hubby who felt a little frog in his throat. his remedy was not tea. he decided to gargle with rum (alcohol na masarap) sabay inom na din. he did this 2 – 3 times and he’s cured.

    well, i picked up a book and i’m almost midway. it’s a nora roberts book that was in the book bin at church. we found out that many at church loves to read – we all have diff preferences but we came up with a book swap thing. i’d have to purge my cabinets and share the books i have gathering dust here. but i did pick up a nora roberts book – it was calling my name. and i find it very interesting, as i do her other books.

    • your hubby has a great way of dealing with things 😀 i hope you finish the book and it sparks your interest in reading to full blast. i have read two over the weekend and i have yet to post about them, first time to happen because i’m ill. normally i’d be so excited to write my reviews but i’m just damn tired all the time.

  4. Well, I am glad you are feeling better. I was about to text you because of your sudden disappearance. And yes, you know I miss you.

    I was also sick the previous week, but since I need to go to work still, I have to remove the thought in my head. Now I understand why you love The Book Thief, I am half way through it and I am starting to get excited with the things that may happen. 😀

    Good thing you were able to read books, every time I am sick, it feels like I have to preserve all of my energy just to finish an email. A friend also send me the epub copies of Murakami, I guess I will just send them to you so can read them on iphone.

    Get well, drink a lot of water, and also, have some orange. They will make you better. 😀

    • thanks, i was waiting for someone to send the dogs out and find me. 😆 let’s read kafka on the shore together and pretend we are hard core readers who know what we are talking about it. do you have a copy? i told you the book thief is a killer. i loved that one. also, you won’t believe how many oranges i have consumed since thursday. it was almost an act of violence.

      • Yeah, I have a copy of Kafka. I just send the link on your emails. Who would have thought that our dear old Murakami loves to write? Haha. Okay, I will read Kafka after I read the book thief. 😀

        Oh, I don’s see the two of us as hard core readers. Well, we can pretend, I guess.

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