This Is Not A Book Review But Still Not So Good News

I told you about the two books I read over the weekend while I was ill, right? Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, I still can’t write about them because there are more important stuff for press releasing. Don’t roll your eyes.

Okay, so turns out, I’m not fine. I said I was sort of fine last time but I guess I’m not. I went to the hospital yesterday at 3PM and the doctor saw me at 730 PM. Talk about serious healthcare, right? I almost bolted, honestly thinking all the time is not worth it. After all, the doctor would just tell me I have a bad case of stubborn productive cough. Why the hell do I need to wait for an eternity to receive that news?

But after spending half of my eternal life outside of the doctor’s office, I found out I have asthma. ASTHMA. So that’s why I’m so damn tired all the damn time. I never really imagined myself to have asthma ever – I’ve been proud of my lungs. Before. Sheesh. I’m really disappointed with this.

The doctor told me it started from my allergic rhinitis and it irritated my lungs and gave me asthma. What a nice thing for the allergic rhinitis to give me, right? Also I did not know I have AR. I found that out just yesterday too. I’m on medication now, four pills for a week to see where it goes. There is one pill that will knock me out in the morning and another pill that will knock me out at night. That is just the best thing that can happen to my career at this point.

The asthma (I refuse to say MY asthma) should react to the medication and if it doesn’t, the doctor will give me one of those inhaler things that you see on TV, which sucks. I don’t want to look like a cocaine addict so fingers crossed that will not happen. And get this – I will find out the verdict on my birthday! So yes, great life I have here.

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15 thoughts on “This Is Not A Book Review But Still Not So Good News

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  2. I can’t like a post stating you have an illness. Take care and follow doctor’s orders. Better an inhaler than no means of assistance in the event of attack.

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