The Phantom Of The Opera, CCP, Manila: Beautiful In All Unfurled Splendor


My mentor and I watched The Phantom of the Opera over the weekend in CCP, Manila and I couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular staging. It was beautiful, like watching a moving painting, or even a vivid dream in a strange, new world. I have not seen a whole lot of plays (the first one is The Sound of Music) but I can tell this one was way up there. It was moving, transporting, and an entire experience on its own.

What amazed me more than anything was the amount of talent the cast had. The mastery that they showed in their craft was breathtaking. The singing, the dancing, the set, the lights – it was excellent. It goes to show you if anything is worth doing then it is worth doing great. I loved it!

Of course there is no need to say that the music of The Phantom of the Opera was phenomenal – it is Phantom after all but I can’t help but gush over it. The power of the music, the lyrics, the delivery, it heightens each sensation and wakes imagination in the best possible way. You don’t need to hear any lines or see the facial expression of the actors; just listen to the music and that is all it takes and the music will secretly possess you and you will be so grateful for it.

My favorite bit was when Jonathan Roxmouth (Phantom) performed Music of the Night. I wished he did a complete version of All I Ask of You too but it was Anthony Downing (Raoul) who did it and I liked the strength of Phantom’s voice better. It just breaks your heart, his passion and you hear it in his voice, and despite of his twisted character you fall in love with him. (I always fall for the bad guy and lose in the end, don’t I? :lol:)

Oh my, the show totally left me floating, falling, in sweet intoxication. There is so much that went to it, from the costumes (the masquerade was so grand and colorful), the sets that change in a snap and the lights that created the illusion of heights and warmth and fear, The Phantom of the Opera was simply a spectacle that let your soul take you where you long to be. 

I’m not into the performing arts but I can tell you that The Phantom of the Opera at CCP, Manila 2012 made my song take flight and inspired me to do better in my craft as I should – and I will.

Photos taken from here and here.


14 thoughts on “The Phantom Of The Opera, CCP, Manila: Beautiful In All Unfurled Splendor

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  2. May friend ako na iniimbitahan ako na manood nito. naku po, kung kaya lang ng budget pagkasabi lang niya manonood na kaagad kami. Gusto ko ang film version nito yung unang-una ata yung napanood ko.

    • it was a wonderful show hoshi. i very much enjoyed myself. 🙂 i will try to catch the film version as well as the anniversary show.

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  4. what a memorable experience that must have been for you. as i was reading your post i am trying to recall a similar experience in my past that would mimic this experience and i can’t think of one thing.

    i haven’t seen many plays either, although the few that i have seen are all terrific, mostly community theater shows – support local talents 🙂

    happy october.

    • i am really keen on plays rather than movies. i wish i could see a lot of local plays too but i find that it is not easy to find schedules because they are not well advertised. watching phantom was a real delight! i can’t help but gush!

  5. I’ve never seen the Phantom of the Opera live, but I did see it on PBS once and it was brilliant! The costumes were amazing and bright and Ramin Karimloo was amazing as the phantom!
    I can’t wait to see this live one day!

    • i think nothing beats watching a live performance. it’s spectacular. but after seeing phantom live, now i’m thinking of watching the 25th anniversary of the production on tape to see how it goes.

  6. I am so excited to read this. Well, phantom will always be phantom. The music is really what I love about it, you should check the phantom anniversary concert where all the previous phantoms sang that song. It is epic. too badd we will never be the angel of music,..

    • yes, i know where to get a copy of that 25th show and i intend to watch it. 1/4 of the cast that performed there where on this staging at ccp so it was obviously a blast. i really can’t stop gushing. it was a real treat! great show!

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