Leftover Cake, A Few Surprises, And A Broken Teapot

Let’s talk about what happened during my birthday. I really did not plan on doing anything because I figured, if it is your birthday you should do whatever it is that will make you happy. So on my birthday, I decided to do nothing because that is what would make me happy.

Like the past 24 years, my parents woke me up by singing me the birthday song. This year Don Domeng outdid himself because he did a sing and dance number. 😆 After that, I ate pancakes for breakfast then My Man surprised me with flowers and cake. Now you should know that he works at MM and we only see each other on weekends but on my birthday he took a leave just to be with me. It’s just one of the many reasons why we’ve been dating for almost a decade. 😉 My Mentor also surprised me by visiting me here! It’s always nice to see her. I realized if you hole up on your birthday, the people who love you still finds you. That’s sweet.

My sister, Mother Goose and I started to cook stuff for the family dinner after lunch. It’s just a simple dinner that I wanted with no guests at all since I wanted to be quiet as mentioned. We had grilled pork ribs, buttered chicken, menudo, spaghetti, pansit, leche flan, sansrival, and bread. I ate so much! Now if there’s something worth mentioning that happened during the dinner, I got really bloated, as in over the top bloated, from the steroid spray I took the first time that morning. It was awful! I felt I had cancer and I stopped taking the steroid spray altogether. My pulmonologist would kill me.

Then yesterday, I got more presents for my birthday. My friend Deer who owns the gym I go to gave me new training shoes (pink!) and I picked up the present my friend Mon sent over (I live somewhere out of delivery area for the courier). I expected to get a book but Mon sent me a Maroon 5 CD. The best thing about his gift was the letter explaining to me why such a present:

I was initially planning to send a set of Japanese teacups to you as a gift, but then, while I was checking out the stiff in one store, I accidentally broke a huge teapot. I thought that could be a bad sign so I looked for another gift. I know the Japanese teacups would have been a wonderful gift because I remember we were planning to make some Japanese foods when we were still reviewing for the board.

But then I saw the CD of Maroon 5 and I remember you did enjoy listening to them. I’m not really sure thought, but I’m counting on my memory that you do love/like the band.

So here’s your gift.

Happy birthday to you! I know you are expecting a book but I can’t think of any that I can recommend. I wish you have fun today.

Happy birthday.


So yes, I think I had a wonderful birthday. 🙂

Photos taken from here and here.

27 thoughts on “Leftover Cake, A Few Surprises, And A Broken Teapot

  1. Happy late birthday!! Sounds like a lot of fun! (besides the bloating, bloating is the WORST) I don’t know a lot of those foods you mentioned but it sounds like quite a feast 😀

  2. I second the first commenter regarding the sweetness of your switart. he scored big there, taking a leave of absence.

    When we were in India, I saw that buttered chicken in the menu in all the restaurants but did not get it because when I ask the hubby he said it’s chicken with butter. What is it actually?

    • chicken marinated and sort of coated in butter and bread crumbs, yum! it’s not soggy nor greasy. it’s really nice. like fried chicken but more flavorful.

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