Type A, B, C, D: Types Of Men Cats Probably Like

Do you have a type? I mean, when you get a crush or you date someone, do they fall into a certain type or category? For instance, there are some girls I know who are very attracted to music men. You know, the type of guys who sing or are in a band. On the contrary, I know people who fall for a particular set of appearance. Say, this girl only goes for tall guys or this girl only goes for guys who are athletes.

I know this puts attraction or dating in a box but it is quite interesting to me.Β I wonder, what triggers these types? Are they hard-wired in the DNA or are they acquired based on what qualities society values?

For my end, I am attracted to men who are really good with one particular thing. I don’t care if it’s arts, computers and technology, math, or whatever. As long as a guy displays mastery or brilliance in one area, I’m easily sold as an admirer. Like I mentioned before, competence is hell sexy. :mrgreen:

Physically, I do have a type. I never planned it or thought about it but the mental relationships I run with celebrities reveal everything. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate qualities outside of this line. I’m just saying, most of the time, these things are what gets me to notice.

I won’t provide you a laundry list of these qualities but I’d tell you a few of my crushes and I’m certain you’d get the picture. Think Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Oliver, Michael Phelps, George St. Pierre, Blake Shelton, Ashley Banjo, and Adam Levine. Not bad at all, right girls? πŸ˜€

How about you, what’s your type and how did it come about?

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32 thoughts on “Type A, B, C, D: Types Of Men Cats Probably Like

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  2. I have a thing for awkward and shy men. Sobrang cute, I want to hug them and take care of them and give them a bath and maybe strip their clothes off and I will stop here before I say anything inappropriate. πŸ˜†

  3. Hahaha, I wonder how did this post come up? Hmm… Before I use to have preference, now I have demands. LOL. But seriously, I just need someone who makes sense, who can talk about everything from Murakami to Uzamaki Naruto. LOLs. As long as the intentions are sincere, damn, I will be with him for a long time.

    • everyone wants a guy with sense. there is an over abundance of air already, what would getting a guy full of nothing but air add to the picture, right?

  4. this is synonymous to my ‘Twitterpated’ post, and a line tells “I felt β€˜twitterpatedβ€˜ once in a while seeing some good-looking, good-humored, talented earthlings”. this with the hope that i will not branded as trying hard to be feeling young at heart. i am very attracted to Liam Neeson. he he

    btw, i tagged you in a meme. hope to see how it goes. πŸ˜€

    • i think there is nothing wrong with being young at heart dear bing, in fact i highly encourage it! i will check out that meme. i like liam nesson when he is in character more though πŸ˜† he’s awesome!

  5. when i was young, about 2 years ago, i got easily attracted to women with beautiful physical attributes like busts, hips, butt.. and so forth… but during college (about last year), i much prefer ladies that can stimulate me intellectually.. *nosebleed*

  6. Another interesting post from you! I enjoy your posts PM. πŸ™‚

    Ako ewan, I tend to gravitate to geeks, especially when I cannot understand half of what theyre saying and they’d get giddy explaining it to me. Haha. I also develop a huge crush on people who could write really well, and keeps a journal. Hahaha.

    For the personality, I like quiet men with this mysterious vibe. Haha.

    Natawa ako dun sa mental relationships! hehehe.

    • thanks, you’re the sweetest. πŸ™‚ geeks are cool. i’ve no problem with them. in fact being smart is a good thing, right? you like men who can write well? let me introduce you to some of my friends! and about that mental relationship bit, i’ve been having a longstanding affair with chris hemsworth :mrgreen: and i’m not even ashamed to admit it.

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