A Quick Weekend Update On A Weekday

It’s weird not having anything to blog about. This rarely happens to me since my fingers almost always seem to have a life of their own. But the past days, nothing really comes to me so I guess I’ll just give you an update of how my weekend went, for the sake of updating this litter box.

So over the weekend, I hit the gym and I had a great run. The last weekend, I had a terrible run and I almost fainted. Ack! My eyes were blurring and my head spun like crazy. It’s the first time I experienced anything like that. It sucked but I guess I’m glad I didn’t faint. I fought it hard! 😆

After that, I saw my friend Rem and my Mentor. It’s always great to catch up with them. We don’t get to see each other a lot of times because I’m practically a monk most days, refusing to go out and be social. Rem lives with My Man though, in the same apartment in the city so usually we get conversations and stories passed to each other by My Man. It’s an interesting way to talk. He also gave me a CD of Markii Stroem. I mentioned before I like jazz right so I wanted to listen to the Thousands of Pieces album by Markii. My favorite is the track with the same name. It’s cool to listen to it next to Zia Quizon’s album. I think they’re two very cool Filipino artists.

What else did I do over the weekend? Oh, I baked this gorgeous banana bars. They’re the same recipe as the super moist and healthy banana cupcakes I shared before but I placed it on a square pan, added slithered almonds on the batter and sprinkled more on top, and baked it for 30 minutes, after which I drizzled honey over it while it’s still hot. Delish! It makes for a great breakfast food.

I really can’t remember what I did after that. So I guess that’s it for now. Tune in later for more sensible posts! 😀

Photo taken from here.

12 thoughts on “A Quick Weekend Update On A Weekday

  1. ako, i have things to write about, but i am still contemplating about it because i am not sure whether it will be too much information, haha, or if it will be interesting enough. 😀

    i also like thousand of pieces.

    • sometimes when i’m about to write book reviews i take a moment to organize my thoughts too. markii looks like my friend, as in! 🙂

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