Quick Homemade Meals, Almost No Effort At All: Spicy Tuna Pizza Recipe

It seems that I’ve been taking eating as a new sport now, it’s crazy. Despite of my efforts at the gym, I still believe I’m gaining weight because my lifting of weights can’t outperform my chewing. But I can’t say I’m complaining. How can you not like food?

Yesterday we had spicy tuna pizza, the homemade kind. What I love about this is that it’s such a quick and homemade meal that takes no effort at all but it’s delicious nonetheless! The pizza is rustic , crispy, and savory. I simply adore the kick of the spicy tuna plus it’s a healthier alternative to other toppings. My only regret is I forgot to snip some basil off my plant from the garden outside!

Making this pizza is hell easy. We used store-bought pizza dough to begin with so there is really nothing much left to do. The sauce is as simple as sauteing onion and garlic then adding some tomato sauce and sugar to it until the raw taste of the tomato sauce is gone or until it boils. Slather the sauce to the premade dough then top with spicy tuna from a can without using the oil. Sprinkle generously with any cheese you like but we used Queso de Bola. I think that’s Edam cheese. Chuck it on a full whack oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is all nice and bubbly on top. After that, eat! 😀

If you can, make two spicy tuna pizzas because we only make one always and end up craving for more!

18 thoughts on “Quick Homemade Meals, Almost No Effort At All: Spicy Tuna Pizza Recipe

  1. our fave homemade pizza is shrimp with pesto sauce, super sarap. we always have pesto sauce frozen bec we make large batches during the summer time when basil is so plentiful and cheap and we get a lot at the farmers market. we also just buy homemade dough. but there is a pizza place here that sells the dough for $2 and we always buy the thin crust para less carbs, hehehe.

    • that sounds nice! kaso my man isn’t a fan of pesto kaya ayun. if you’re a fan of pesto maybe you can grow your own basil. it’s a lovely thing to do!

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