All I Want For Christmas Year 3: Christmas Exchange Gift For Blog Friends

So it’s that time of the year again. I don’t know how many days there are left until Christmas but our parol [Christmas lantern] is up and that is my cue to invite everyone to this year’s Christmas Exchange Gift for Blog Friends! This All I Want for Christmas blog event is one of the highlights of my holidays and it’s a similar thing for those other blog friends who have been joining year after year. Thank you for making this event so much fun guys! Now if you joined in the fun last year, make sure you do so this year again and invite your blog friends too!

MECHANICS: Fill out the All I Want for Christmas wishlist below and post it on your blog. Leave the link below on the comments section so I can track everybody nicely. Link this post up too so others can see what we’re up to and maybe they’ll decide to participate also! After you have your blog post, I’ll contact you via email to give you a partner and to collect your mailing address. The wishlist guides your partner on what you want. There is no need to send everything out on the list but if you want to then don’t let me stop you! The minimum gift amount is PhP 200 so it isn’t bad at all, right?

Deadline for posting and joining is November 23 and on November 30 I will post all partners so stay tuned! Check your email regularly for communication too, okay? The one that you will give to is also the one who will send you your package.Β All gifts can be sent starting Dec. 1 until Dec. 15. Those who are abroad (outside the Philippines) can join too, just make sure that you send out your parcel early to make it before the cut off date and provide a Philippine mailing address so your partner can provide you the gift too without dying in mailing fees. πŸ˜†

IMPORTANT: Please do not join if you have no plans of sending out a package to your partner. I highly encourage everyone to send their gifts as soon as they get it sorted instead of waiting before their partner sends theirs first. That is hardly the spirit of Christmas, you know! Enjoy everybody!


Something small:

Something big:

Something cute:

Something soft:

Something techie:

Something fancy:

Something (insert your favorite color):

Something wearable:

Something you need:

Something you can use for work:

Something sweet:

All I (really, really) Want for Christmas is:

Photos taken from here and here.

63 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Year 3: Christmas Exchange Gift For Blog Friends

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  3. Hi P. i do not know if anybody has suggested this before, but, it would be great to have more somethings for the men, like opposites to something soft, something cute, and something sweet πŸ˜€ hehehehe it was abit hard for me to think of something for myself on those themes without resulting to thinking about women hahahahha

    • yep that’s a fantastic idea but you know you can put extra somethings on your wishlist to help your partner out. put as much as you want! πŸ˜€

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