All I Want For Christmas Year 3 Wishlist

It’s the time of the year when wanting is cool and this is what I want. Presenting my All I Want for Christmas Year 3 Wishlist for the sole joy of whoever my partner will be. I’m equally excited to see your wishlist and as early as now, I’m telling you to get ready because I’ll do everything in my power to send you an awesome loot bag. 😀

Note: I live in the middle of nowhere and I’d appreciate it if you can please, please send my loot bag through JRS – it’s the only courier that delivers to my place and any other almost guarantees it won’t be possible for me to get it or there will be sufficient headache before it does. Thank you for your cooperation and stay tuned for more info. 😀

I may be the first to greet you but happy holidays everyone!

PM’s All I Want for Christmas Wishlist

Something small: baking stuff like cupcake liners, piping bags, and other related materials

Something big: black foldable flats, size 9 – big right?

Something cute: funky organizers: bull clips, paper clips, sticky notes, these killer mustache pens and post-it notes, etc –  the one with lots of characters. I like the ones from Fullybooked.

Something soft: awesome cloth-bound notebooks

Something techie: iPhone 4 case

Something fancy: Fanciful unicorn 😆

Something white: Surprise me. Whatever you want me to have to remind me of you.

Something wearable: Large gray V-neck Hanes shirt for females

Something you need: A copy of Factotum by Charles Bukowski and ultra cool bookmarks

Something you can use for work: Tea bags – I mean it.

Something sweet: Hershey’s nuggets, yum!

All I (really, really) want for Christmas: This Journal Will Change Someone’s Life 2013 in black or this travel inspired planner; for THE REAL SANTA, Kindle Paperwhite (Sige na po, nagpakabait naman ako :D)

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28 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Year 3 Wishlist

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  3. I remember the year 1 exchange gift. 🙂 The black foldable flats and something close to that which are from Sanuk are very useful. Btw, pass muna ako this year. To the participants, have fun!

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